Beginnings, Part 2: The Watley Brothers

So things were going well. I was a pretty big star, and played a few gigs with my band but more often solo, or jamming in the new concert park.

Then I met the Watley brothers, identical twins Mason and Garrick.

I hit it off instantly with Garrick.

And became fast friends with Mason.

“See my brother here?”

“Well I’m nothing like him.”

Garrick and I spent a few wonderful days and nights together. I broke poor Samantha Gender’s heart by telling her I was really not that into girls and I finally found a guy I was really into, and that she and I should just be friends. (So much for the romantic drinks but hey, I was feeling pretty guilty and had to tell her.)

I invested in a new hairdo and a bit of plastic surgery, because I wanted to make myself look the best for my new man.

Garrick was quite excited to have me serenade him on the piano one blissful morning.

However, with my commitment issues I’m a little worried is Garrick is starting to get too serious about me. I get bored easily and I have to be really sure of him before I stay long-term.

Meanwhile, Coal had his first birthday party at the park, and was finally an adult. Now we could think about having kittens with Willow and Josie!

And I finally got my sexy red grand piano. (Josie approves.)

Using money from my savings and business investments, the three cats and I moved into a beautiful rich house up on the hill in Appaloosa.

With a large pool.

And a beautiful view!





11 Replies to “Beginnings, Part 2: The Watley Brothers”

  1. The beginning of Garrick!
    I like the new hair.
    O.o ‘However, with my commitment issues I’m a little worried is Garrick is starting to get too serious about me.’ – Things could have gone so differently!
    Yay for the piano 😉 Much more exciting than a new house.

    1. Yep this is where it all started with Garrick! I created he and his brother, but it was my menial Sim making skills of course. 😛 He’s improved but I never did change anything about his face. Her Commitment Issues trait changed when she got married. 🙂 I had the red piano in game before I even had it myself.. LOL, such a tease.

  2. Love the pic with the new hair and her reflection in the mirror 🙂
    Nice to see how Garrick entered the story also 😀

    1. Thanks. 🙂 Yep that’s where it all began with Garrick! I originally created he and his brother, but never did change his face in any way, just other improvements. Not bad for an early Sim – kind of like your long-standing Eddie I guess 🙂

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