Beginnings, Part 4: Alone in Starlight Shores

The time came for me to move. I bought the biggest, most expensive house in Starlight Shores. Why? Because I could.

I had to hire a butler because the house was so large.

The cats had a gorgeous room all to themselves.

I was the queen of my own world. Just me and my cats. I could do what I wanted and had no one to answer to. I was beautiful and talented and rich.

I played shows to enthusiastic audiences.

I signed autographs.

I sold albums.

People would stop me during my sing-o-gram jobs just to get a photograph.

I even did some DJ’ing here and there.

But… something was missing.

I walked alone.

I went to bed alone.

I drank alone.

Then I realized… It was thatΒ spot next to me in the hot tub that was missing… my best male friend.

I booked the earliest flight I could get, back home to Appaloosa Plains.

VIDEO: Successful show in Starlight Shores

VIDEO: I miss Garrick


11 Replies to “Beginnings, Part 4: Alone in Starlight Shores”

  1. LOVE the cat room! πŸ˜› If I ever move in to a mansion, I need one of those (and a butler) too.
    Awww living the simmie life but no one to share it with. At least no one that likes hot tubs.

    1. Thanks! Well the mansion was all pre-made. And hey I just published Part 5! Putting it in the chapter list now but you might catch it on the Home page before I move it to the right date. πŸ™‚

  2. My cat doesn’t need a room of her own – she owns the whole house and everyone in it! πŸ˜‰
    Of course she was missing her man – or some aspects of having a man in any case πŸ˜‰

    1. Well we had a pile of cats there – Josie, Willow, Coal and some kitties! I even missed Garrick in real life. LOL it really was lonely.

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