001 Family Pictures

This is the family to date. Garrick holding Grayson the youngest, and Sharona with Jemma. Jemma is turning child tomorrow…

Lil’ girlie.

Here is Grayson having some breakfast:

Shar trying to teach him how to talk:

And Garrick being flirty, as he does.

BONUS VIDEO: Reading to Jemma


11 Replies to “001 Family Pictures”

  1. I’m so used to seeing Jemma with her purple highlights! I was looking for those at first even though she’s a toddler here 😛
    Love Shar’s UGH face while trying to teach Grayson to talk.

  2. Such adorable toddlers!
    Love Shar’s expression when she’s teaching Grayson how to talk 😀
    Garrick’s flirty face isn’t hard on the eyes either 😉

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