Beginnings, Part 6: Life With Garrick

Garrick moved in with me in the big house up on the hill. We visited Mason quite a bit since he was now living alone with his brother gone. It was such a tiny house. Mason was very shy and I hoped he would find someone special soon. I didn’t want him to feel left out once his twin married.

“Mason, I’m glad you’re going to be the best man. You know, you should come with us to Starlight Shores. I’m sure there’ll be lots of nice ladies there for you.”

But he was content with his job at the Bistro and was getting promoted all the time. He was a natural cook, and was very good at what he did. He did enjoy the quiet life in this town and there were lots of places to fish too.

Both twins were pretty artistic. They did have that in common. Garrick would spend time at the easel at Mason’s finishing his ‘masterworks’ as he called them.

And we visited the art gallery for more inspiration for him. “Garrick, what is your fascination with that object? It’s just an ancient baby chair!”

We started making plans for the wedding parties and the ceremony, and I decided on my wedding dress. Wow, I looked damn good.

Well here goes nothing, I suppose.

Garrick was always complimenting and flirting with me. Ever the romantic… if that’s what you consider romance.
“Did I ever tell you that red is your best color?”
“Yeah I know it is. That’s why I wear it.”

“I’m so lucky to have you.”
“I know.”

“Here it is finally — my latest work. It’s called You and Me. We’re in a gift box because our communion is the greatest present!”

“That’s great, Garrick, but do you have to bring the wedding into everything!?”

Oh boy. I knew he was excited, and I should be too. Aww, look how cute he is when he’s sleeping.

We were the cutest couple though. He especially loved to dance like I did. We danced at the clubs and at many a party in our backyard.

And he is a musician too, and plays a mean upright bass. He always makes the cutest faces.

Piano and bass – what a perfect partnership! We could do some awesome gigs together. I always did tend to fall for bass players.

“Wow, that’s a big painting, Garrick. What does it mean? It looks like four kids. Two girls and two boys. Is that what you want…?”


I didn’t want kids, I wanted more kittens. Then this little kitten showed up. We think he might be Josie and Coal’s because he looks like a mix of the two of them. His name just popped up to me — Dacoda. I thought the name was cute because da coda is a musical term for beginning.

Was this a sign? What was this the beginning of?

I hoped, the beginning of a long and wonderful life.


(NOTE: I think Dacoda literally just showed up out of nowhere. I can’t really remember the details. His name was preset and popped up in a text box saying there was a new kitty! I had a hunch he was generated from Josie.)

Bonus pic:

BONUS VIDEO: Garrick playing bass


14 Replies to “Beginnings, Part 6: Life With Garrick”

  1. That painting!! Hahaha such a wonderful artist. The museum too 😛
    Love her wedding attire! It’s funny seeing that now knowing what Jemma wears as a teen.
    Simmie Shar is looking like she’s having second thoughts about finally getting the ring put on her finger! Garrick should have been more subtle with his baby fascination 😉
    Awww your lucky dialogue is much cute than what my mind automatically thought of 😛 I saw them in their undies and immediately jumped to someone’s getting lucky!! 😀
    Love the picture of them dancing together.
    The bass too?! This really is my chapter. <3
    It's best he only lets her think he wants four kids to start with 😉 She obviously needs a little warming up.

    1. When I was putting this chapter together around that series of photos, I realized how everything in this chapter was important to the current family, especially with his bass playing LOL. And of course how into the wedding and babies he was. 😉 It was fun with the Commitment Issues trait how she would be constantly anxious when here was Garrick constantly painting pictures of love and kids. She did need some warming up.. hehe. In later chapters you haven’t read yet, you’ll see how Jemma realizes how much like her mother she is. 😉

    1. You’ll get to see Mason soon. 😉 Shar had the Commitment Issues trait at the time, but she settled in and traded that in. 🙂

    1. Yes it is a great combo! Drummers are too loud, and guitar players are too egotistical. The bass player is the one who really listens to the pianist. 😀

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