005 Family Picnic

I just think Jemma’s little girlie bum is too cute. 🙂

Ahhh… Jemma enjoys the bubbles.

It was Saturday and none of us had to work. We lazed about in the morning, but It was such a nice day that we decided to enjoy the afternoon with a family picnic.

Firstly, Garrick and Sharona show off their new shirts they got for Canada Day. HAPPY CANADA DAY, July 1st!

“Hurry Daddy, let’s go!”

“This is where Daddy and I met Domino the unicorn. Do you think we’ll see him today?”

Daddy plays with baby Grayson.

Then Daddy entertains with the guitar and Jemma tries fishing.

A game of ball. “Mommy, OW! Don’t throw so hard!”


“Look! Crawwy tings!!”

What’s a picnic without ants?

“Teddy, that’s a unicorn. They are magical creatures and they have a shiny golden horn. But I’m gonna have a black unicorn – they are even more special!”


10 Replies to “005 Family Picnic”

  1. Sim bums are adorable! After the last chapter I’d say Jemma really needs a bubble bath.
    Looks like they had a fun family Canada Day 🙂

    1. Haha yeah Jemma had to catch up on her sleep and relaxation after being so rudely awakened by the baby wayyy down on the next floor below.

  2. I need to look at my sim kids’ bums and see how cute they are. I tend to just send them off to the bathroom and only check on them when I hear something breaking!
    What a lovely family picnic and the t-shirts were wonderful 😀

  3. Hehehe. Yay Canada Day. Haha, I’m not Canadian, but I thought that was cute. I rarely ever look at Sim kids’ bums. LMAO. I only look at my adult male Sim bums. ROFL.

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