005 Family Picnic (07-27-12)

I just think Jemma’s little girlie bum is too cute. 🙂

Ahhh… Jemma enjoys the bubbles.

It was Saturday and none of us had to work. We lazed about in the morning, but It was such a nice day that we decided to enjoy the afternoon with a family picnic.

Firstly, Garrick and Sharona show off their new shirts they got for Canada Day. HAPPY CANADA DAY, July 1st!

“Hurry Daddy, let’s go!”

“This is where Daddy and I met Domino the unicorn. Do you think we’ll see him today?”

Daddy plays with baby Grayson.

Then Daddy entertains with the guitar and Jemma tries fishing.

“Mommy, OW! Don’t throw so hard!”


“Look! Crawwy tings!!”

What’s a picnic without ants?

“Teddy, that’s a unicorn. They are magical creatures and they have a shiny golden horn. But I’m gonna have a black unicorn – they are even more special!”


10 thoughts on “005 Family Picnic (07-27-12)

  1. Sim bums are adorable! After the last chapter I’d say Jemma really needs a bubble bath.
    Looks like they had a fun family Canada Day 🙂

    • Haha yeah Jemma had to catch up on her sleep and relaxation after being so rudely awakened by the baby wayyy down on the next floor below.

  2. I need to look at my sim kids’ bums and see how cute they are. I tend to just send them off to the bathroom and only check on them when I hear something breaking!
    What a lovely family picnic and the t-shirts were wonderful 😀

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