008 Grayson Turns Child and Tegan Turns Toddler

So, after all that new clothes we got and the modelling and such, Garrick went and got me pregnant again! Damn him and his baby-making needs! I never even wanted one baby! (oh wait, that’s me in real life.)

Then it was time for Grayson’s child birthday. Of course we had a party.

Here I am dancing with our best family friend Will Wright.. and there’s some strange guy on the bar.

The new butler holds him while we blow out the candles. Jemma is decked out in her “formal” wear.

Grayson is excited!

There’s the sparkles!

And as a new little man is even more excited that he can eat cake. He looks a lot like Garrick.

He wanted to take off that silly sweater the birthday sparkles gave him, and put on his favorite color orange.

His first day of school didn’t start out too well….

Jemma said, that’s ok Grayson, that kind of thing happens in the Sim world all the time. It didn’t even hurt, did it?

Then it was time for Tegan’s toddler birthday!! “Oh Gawd here we go again” I say.

It was just a private celebration, the kids were off at school or playing.

I thought “awww I’m only going to have to do this one more time.”

And here is little Tegan! She also looks like her daddy. Still with my blonde hair.

Jemma instructs Grayson on how to run the baker’s stand.

Is she wiping away a booger here??!

They do their homework together but Grayson is like “Haha this stuff is easy!”

No problem!

I am more brilliant than you already, big sis.

“I’m all done!”

So he goes to practice some chess on his own.

When Jemma is done she joins him for some gaming fun.

“Aww that was fun sissy, thanks!”


10 Replies to “008 Grayson Turns Child and Tegan Turns Toddler”

  1. ‘Damn him and his baby-making needs’ Hmmmmm. Still enjoying this 10 kids wish way too much.
    Happy Birthday, Grayson! O.o bumped by the bus on day 1, that’s rough!
    Garrick is so adorable when he’s overly excited about Tegan’s bday.
    Another blondie! 😀
    Awww that hug at the end is so cute.

  2. 10 kids isn’t so bad – I have done it. I remember my silly simself with her family oriented trait wanted 10 and I have her 13 for good measure!
    The kids are so cute – loved all the kiddie spam 😀
    Poor Grayson looked like he was trying to sleep while embedded in the bus fender 😉

    1. Yes, the blonde was so strong that after a while I was longing for a brunette! Although I do love my blondies most. <3

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