009 Jemma’s Last Day as a Child

So as we last heard, SharonaSim was pregnant with yet another baby, making the family kid count now to FOUR!!! Yes you read that right, I have four kids. Holy beep. The new baby is a girl named August.

We’ll see more on August later but… it was soon time for Jemma the oldest to grow up. And ohhhh Jemma did NOT want to grow up. She was having so much fun being a kid and doing kid things.

She spent her last Saturday as a kid having as much fun as she could.

Going on a submarine adventure and splashing in the tub:

Riding the spring rider:

Which younger brother Grayson enjoyed as well:

Then she suddenly had a brilliant idea:

She was going to take Grayson to the park where she had first met Domino the unicorn and they would stay there all day and night in hopes of meeting her unicorn again before she grew up.

Before they left Daddy had a gift for her. He said you can’t open it until the day AFTER you turn teen. Hmmm what could that be??

Then she and Grayson took off for the falls.

Where they waited and waited.. not much to do since she didn’t even think to bring food or a book to read.

Grayson got bored and left. It soon got dark. Jemma she wished she had Mom’s tablet to at least play some games.

Unfortunately she was called home. After all, she was still a kid and couldn’t stay out after curfew or else would be brought home by …the police!! That would be scary, so she rushed home.

She called her school friend Brendan (who she had a little crush on), but sadly he didn’t feel like talking to her since he was already grown up.

“Okay. Now this SUCKS being a kid. I want to grow up.”

The next day was birthday time and thus family portrait time. Jemma and Grayson are sitting. Sharona is holding August and Garrick is holding Tegan.

Jemma: “This still sucks!”

“But wait now… maybe growing up might be better. It means I would be able to go to the falls without an adult and stay as long as I want, to find my unicorn. AND maybe Brendon will hang out with me once I’m teen!”

They had a small party with just the family. Jemma wanted to wait to have a party with her friends at another time.

Oooh, this is kinda exciting!

Here come the sparkles!


To be continued…


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  1. Congrats on August!
    Awww I remember this chapter well. Poor Jemma and wanting to never grow up. Love the bath time pictures 🙂
    Can’t wait for her teen years!

  2. Congrats on the birth of August 😀
    I remembered reading this one before but enjoyed it as much the second time around 😀

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