010 Jemma Ages to Teen

And so Jemma was just on the verge of aging up… LOL, I love how Grayson is peeking over the chair.

‘TA-DA!!!!!!!!!! Uhhhh, wait now.. why is my beautiful hair all pulled back? And what is with this ugly, short black dress? Fairy-tale finders don’t wear black!’

‘I guess I’ll have cake anyway.’

So she figured she’d wait until everybody else goes to bed before taking a visit to CAS. Might have to fix those brows too.. and a bit of gloss might be nice.

She enjoyed this dress much more. A true princess’s dress! Long, flowy… and blue!

Here is her everyday wear. “No it’s not a nightie! It was clearly labelled Everyday!”

Just a touch of makeup.

And a pristine white nightie suitable for a pure-of-heart princess.

“Hey, princesses can still look rad on the beach!”

Still a little sad about not seeing Domino.

‘But wait… tonight I am teen and can go to the falls alone.. and stay all night!’

“That sounds like a fabulous idea!!! Am I talking to myself?” (Said in her cute, high-pitched voice.)

Just a sec I’ll change into my unicorn-hunting gear and grab a sleeping bag. And …. BAM!!

She gathered all the supplies she would need this time. Growing to teen does make you a tad smarter, after all. Sleeping bag, extra carrots, picnic basket for food, video camera, and a book to read. Still wanting that Tablet.. little did she realize that was a toddler book. Oh, and horse granola in the fridge.

AND… guess what was in Daddy’s gift box?? Keys to this new blue scooter!! RAD!!!!!!

‘Yeah, I can get used to this.’

Driving to the falls at midnight. Can you tell where her sleeping bag and backpack is? It’s super-invisible!

This looked like a good spot.

She dozed during the dark hours ..because usually the unicorns surfaced at the break of dawn.. I think.

Still sleeping…

She woke up in a flurry of feathers. Hmmm, no unicorn in sight. Not even a single horse! 🙁

After waiting a bit in the daylight she figured she better get home before the household gets up, so they won’t find her missing.

After saying hi to Willow.

She changed and sat down to eat breakfast.. just in time for Dad to get up!

“Hi Daddy. Did you sleep well?” “Yeah. Hey, you were the last one up. Why didn’t you put that supper plate away? Now it’s all rotten.” “Uhhh…”

Weh.. Just got reprimanded, didn’t find a unicorn, half-tired, and now I have to go to school.

But I’m going to ask Brendon to come over after school. Maybe he might this time!

Bonus shot just cause I love her in this dress:


12 Replies to “010 Jemma Ages to Teen”

  1. I remember these updates from the forums too because I remember saying something that Jemma looked like lady gaga :S! But that’s definitely not true now because Jemma is so beautiful!! 😀

    1. Haha, yeah this is about when I started posting them in the General Discussion thread, from the other chat thread in S&L. I do love Jemma. 🙂 <3

  2. How brave of her to stay out all night on her own! She will make a brave fairy-tale hunter indeed 😀

  3. Jemma is a beautiful teen! You must be a proud mommy 😀
    I love her little pile of unicorn hunting gear. Those carrots will be sure to do the trick.
    What an awesome gift she got!
    Awww with her dedication, I’m sure she’ll see the unicorn again soon.

    1. Aww thanks, I am a very proud mommy! 😀 I don’t know why but I just started laying things out on the floor – I needed to see for myself what she would need for her excursion! LOL.

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