011 Jemma’s “Date” With Pudding

While the kids were getting ready for school, Sharona took some time to work on her novel The Party People, which she hoped would be a best seller.

But she was having a bit of a writer’s block in how to present Van’s latest chapter.

So she took a break to upgrade the computer instead. And proceeded to break it. Typical.

Meanwhile, Grayson was being a little punk and playing tricks on Jemma.

Daddy was not at all pleased. (How did he know…?) ‘That’s ok’ Jemma thought. ‘Grayson better just stay away for when Brendon comes over after school or Imma wring his skinny neck.’

After she got home from afterschool music class, she called him. Apparently Daddy is thinking about giving flowers to someone – hopefully Sharona.

And Sharona is thinking about how good this martini tastes. She’s getting ready for her gig tonight so she’s getting primed up.

Looka that, Brendon was pretty eager to come over. Hmmm…. but he does look quite pudding doesn’t he? Well, if you’re going to be a chance at a romantic interest, buddy, you’re going straight to…. CAS!!


There now, does that feel better, Brendon?

I dunno, I don’t feel any different.

Well you look much better. I mean, you look okay. At least MUCH better than….


Pudding? What is that anyway??

It’s this!!

NO!! STOP! Kill it with fire!!!

“You’re crazy, girl.”

“Okay. Let’s talk about something much more exciting. Like MUSIC!! I love to play the piano and my mom’s got a wicked red grand piano.”

“Cool, you like music, hey?


“I’m not sure if this is gonna work out, Brendon. First of all, you’re an ex-pudding. Second, you don’t like music. And third, I heard through the CAS grapevine that you’re a klepto.”

“But…but…. I’m cute now, right?”

“I’m not pudding anymore.”


Thank you.

“Okay, we’ll go downstairs and watch a movie and let’s see if you can redeem yourself. Just ignore my annoying little brother there. He thinks everybody wants to be his friend.”


Willow has been asking about the unicorn.


13 Replies to “011 Jemma’s “Date” With Pudding”

  1. Oh jeeze. I’ve been dreading this chapter! 😛
    Looks like Grayson got Jemma good! Too bad he got caught.
    BLEGGG!!! I think I just tossed up my pudding. Wow, first he has to look like… that. Then he has to make Jemma sad?! Some nerve!

  2. Lol I feel on the outskirts of things since I’ve never seen the big deal with these sorts of faces (or why they’re called pudding lol). But it was a funny scene hehe.

    1. They just have zero sliders. They are the generated faces of all NPCs (maids, taxi drivers, mail carriers etc). Every generic game-created sim looks like them. I don’t know who came up with the term pudding either, but mating puddings with puddings will just make every generation look exactly the same. And their eyes are kind of soulless.

        1. Yeah I was gonna say… Don’t let it affect your impression on Penny and for Villkas for that matter. I didn’t know what it was when I read Penny, so I am partial to her too. 😉 And I like Villkas’s character so I don’t mind it so much on him.

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