012 Jemma Meets Stevan (12-13-12)

Last we heard Jemma had a downstairs movie date with ex-pudding boy Brendon. They watched a bit of TV and chatted a bit.

It was an okay date. However, things with pudding boy quickly failed since the file got somehow corrupted and I had to revert to a previous save. Ahh, everything works out for the better, hey? 😉

I had previously created cutie boy Stevan as a young adult, and so decided to age him down and place him in Jemma’s town and force them to meet.

Jemma is very excited about that.

Dad, when I get my licence tomorrow can I take the car out?
“You have to learn how to drive first.”

She snuck out at night on her scooter to go to the beach house.. For some reason she felt a strange compulsion to go there.

And lo!

Jemma: Hi! I’m Jemma. You’re from Sunset Valley hey?

Stevan: Yeah I just moved here. Stevan’s the name.

This is a pretty cool town. I’m likin’ it so far! (thinks, ‘Even better now that I’ve met this hot blondie.’)

So I guess I’ll see you at school tomorrow? Maybe we could sit together at lunch?

I’ll clear all the seats at my table just for you.

Wow he’s dreamy, Jemma thinks.

Got her number…excellent.


5 thoughts on “012 Jemma Meets Stevan (12-13-12)

  1. Ah phew (bummer about the corruptions though!). Pudding can just be a nasty dream.
    Stevan is handsome!! He’s much nicer too. Yay! Jemma has finally found someone worthy. 😀

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