015 Jemma and Stevan’s Prom

Here’s Jemma and Stevan’s official prom pic.

After the prom Stevan came over and they watched the stars.

Jemma was really tired so she asked if he would stay over and then they could spend more time together the next day. Jemma put their prom picture in a nice frame on her night table.

Stevan didn’t hestiate to help himself to her bed!!

‘Hmm.. he must’ve been tired too. Oh well, I guess I will sleep in Grayson’s bed then. I’m not quite comfortable with sleeping with him yet.’

On their next date they sang some karaoke at Mick’s.

And took some photobooth pictures for the first time.

I guess Jemma will get to go to University soon! I wonder what major she will do. Apparently after singing karaoke, she now wants to be a vocal legend like her mamma. 😆  (Although I had locked in the Fairytale Finder wish –find a unicorn– when she was a child, the Vocal Legend wish came up and so I decided to let her use the lifetime points to change her wish.)

Here’s some pictures Jemma edited of her and Stevan for her Simbook.. which unfortunately got taken down because they thought she wasn’t a real person. 🙁


5 Replies to “015 Jemma and Stevan’s Prom”

    1. Hah yeah, as a Sim mother I would not allow that! I would have put Stevan in Grayson’s room but he just helped himself. LOL.

  1. Cute prom picture! Love how excited Jemma looks.
    Wow, Stevan. My guests are always taking beds they should be (usually the parents’ bed). I haven’t had any ‘sleepover’ guests since adding UL and their bed assigning system though.
    Love the photobooth pics!

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