020 Summer Festival and Sad Cat News (04-05-13)

We show up at the summer festival on a early Friday evening when it was supposed to be sunny… and it’s pouring raining!

It even turned to hail for a bit.

Tegan: “Haha Daddy, you’re funny. Why didn’t you bring your umbrella?”
Garrick: “Because your mom didn’t BUY me one!”

Grayson: “What’s all the circles for?”

SharSim got geek points for playing arcade games. 🙂

We autonomously joined a hot dog eating contest!  I don’t know who the first girl is. Then it’s Sharona, Jemma, and her cute friend from school, Derrick Wen.

“Somebody get me some water!!”

Jemma: “RAD!!! I WON!”

“How many did I eat? One… two… three…”

“Oh well, it doesn’t matter, I’m still Number One!”

Derrick: “You’re pretty awesome.”

Uh-oh. Bad news from home. 😦

While we were at the festival, Grimm came and took Josie away! We didn’t even get to see her being taken. (And I must say, I at my computer was totally distraught and had to step away from the computer for a while.) 😦

N’awwww. 😦

Yes, get out, nasty Grimm. Well we still have Coal…

And Willow, who hissed at Grimm of course.

“Hey, where’d he go?”


“What happened, Mom?”
“It’s Josie… she’s gone.”

“Mrow!!” 😦

“I’m sorry Willow baby. But at least you won’t be mean to Josie anymore. She’s in a happy place now.”


BONUS VIDEO: “Like, seriously!! I NEED WATER!!”

6 thoughts on “020 Summer Festival and Sad Cat News (04-05-13)

  1. A sunny forecast and you get rain and hail. Oh simmie weathermen…
    Wooooo go Jemma! That’s great that she won 😛 Oh! And impressed Derrick. I wouldn’t get too close to her… the hot dogs don’t always stay down.
    Goodbye, Josie 😦 I’m glad Grimmy is so sweet with pets when he takes them but it still makes me so sad. Good for Willow hissing at him!
    Awww everyone’s so sad.

    • Haha I don’t think Jemma threw up the hot dogs, luckily. I was soooo sad when this happened in game. I had to leave the computer for a bit. 😦

  2. Congrats to Jemma on winning the hotdog eating contest – not something I would try *barf*
    Sorry about Josie – it really was sad seeing the family’s pain 😦

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