022 Family Jam (04-12-13)

Told by Jemma.

I’m thinking I might want to change my hair. Funk it up a little. Kinda getting bored of it. Maybe put in a different color, like hot pink or something.

Daddy and Mom were jamming in the living room. They haven’t done that in a long time. I wonder if they’re gonna be playing band gigs again. Apparently they used to have a band with Willard Wright, who is famous for creating the first Humans games. That’s so rad! It was like, a trio or something.

I got out my guitar and jammed along.

It was an electric family moment, I gotta say.

I think Tegan felt bad cause she couldn’t play anything, but Grayson was all, “OMG! Now all we need is drums!”

“Hey mom, I just hauled your old drum kit out of the basement.”

I was thinkin’ ‘oh great’.. but he was actually pretty freakin’ good! I guess all that xylophone sucking wasn’t all sucking after all.

Tegan: “I guess I can put on a university shirt and cheer for them.”

“Daddy! Look how tall I am! Am I getting bigger?”
Daddy said “Yes, baby girl. But I don’t think you’re gonna be the baby anymore.” I wonder what he meant by that.

Grayson is inviting girls over to his room. This one is Shellie, but I heard she already has a boyfriend. Grayson’s too much of a nerd to score with a cute girl like that anyway. I wonder if he’s gay and just doesn’t know it.

“Anyway, I’ll be outside sunbathing. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

Sweet! We’re all loving these new floats so much!

Daddy and Mom are being all lovey-dovey lately. Giggling and kissing and stuff. I wonder what’s up.

Meanwhile, I feel like Stevan is avoiding me.
“What do you mean, you don’t feel like coming over?? Call you in five hours? Where are you anyway?” Mannnn, that boy is so elusive. Oh sigh.



BONUS VIDEO: Jemma rockin’ it out during the family jam.

BONUS VIDEO #2: Jemma, Mom & Dad jam

BONUS VIDEO #3: Grayson jumps in on the drums

3 thoughts on “022 Family Jam (04-12-13)

  1. Love that first picture of Jemma playing her guitar! She looks very into it.
    “I was thinkin’ ‘oh great’.. but he was actually pretty freakin’ good! I guess all that xylophone sucking wasn’t all sucking after all.” – 😛 Glad Grayson put those skills to use.
    Aww Shellie’s cute. Jemma’s such a supportive sister 😛 He doesn’t seem to have much ‘game’ though so I’ve gotta agree.
    Oh Stevan… He’s hopefully just playing hard to get.

    The videos were fun!! 😀

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