025 More Festival Fun (04 25 13)

(Vandeen and Adairna cameo again. They have different lives and new families in this save, and they just show up periodically for interviews since Sharona is writing their story. I always enjoy seeing them outside the Jonsos. :))

“Oh hey Van… Garrick!”


“So I put an order in at Simson Sears for the baby changer, a white one to match the dresser. But we can probably get rid of that dresser since there’s drawers in the—”


“You’re having another baby!?!”


“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!” >:[


Later we decided to head down to the summer festival again. Garrick and a very pregnant Adairna entered a hotdog competition. I guess she needs extra food for the baby. She didn’t win though.


OMG, there’s Eddie Starr!




Eddie: “I’m excited to see a big celebrity too!”


Luckily I had my Triton keyboard handy. I set that sucker up in an instant and played him some Journey.


“I know.”


Garrick changed into his athletics and tried soccer and roller-skating. Jemma and Tegan showed up and later did some skating.


Uh-oh, Adairna’s water broke.


“OH MY GOD! That outfit is atrocious!!”


“Anyway, I’m sure you’ll be okay. I’m getting a snow cone.”


“You doing okay over there, Dairnie?”


“Mmmmm, blue raspberry vodka flavour.”


She and her husband live right across from the festival grounds so she had the baby and went right home with it. I decided to grab Garrick and go pay her a visit to welcome the baby.
It was a boy! She named him Vernon. LOL. I can’t stand that name, so with a few letters changed he became Vandon! 😀


“Why are babies always crying?!?”


We went back to the festival grounds because Jemma and Tegan were there roller skating. I admired Garrick in his smexy deadmau5 shirt. I wish it came in womens’ size. So all I can do is admire it on him. Or create Joel Simmerman myself, to live in my town. 🙂


Look who I ran into!! Our old family friend and former bandmate of Late Night Improv… Will Wright!
“Sharona!! So good to see you! How’s little Jemma? She must be all grown up now. I can’t believe you’re gonna have another baby!”


I tried to get him to have a jam (since I had my keyboard in my pocket), for old times’ sake. But he would start and then stop, and seemed overall distressed. Apparently he’s having a hard time paying the bills and had to get a loan from the town. Maybe he should go back to work for Maxis/EA and help them fix all the bugs in The Sims 3.



BONUS VIDEO #1: Jemma and Tegan try to skate.

BONUS VIDEO #2: Garrick spins some dubstep in his deadmau5 shirt.

7 thoughts on “025 More Festival Fun (04 25 13)

    • Thanks. Coincidentally, Adairna’s husband in this save is also called Isaac! And his last name is Luck, and Adairna happens to have the Unlucky trait. Weird alternate-universe similarities. 😀

  1. Wooo! I love seeing Van and Adairna pop up in this.
    That’s one way to keep the pregnant lady fed! I’m shocked she didn’t win.
    Eddie too! So many great guest appearances. Too bad Eddie didn’t have drums to pull out to rock along with simmie Shar.
    I love that she walks off while Adairna is in labour to get a snowcone 😛
    Congrats on Vandon!!
    It’s been ages since I’ve seen Will Wright crop up! I’d forgotten about him.
    Great Jemma and Tegan skating video, poor girls.

  2. Poor Adairna, left to have a baby on her own, all for a snowcone! 😛
    Eddie ♥ Asterravos is right – it would have been cool to see him pull out some drums to join Sharsim!
    Great update – love the Will Wright humour 😀

    • Hehe thanks I loved this chapter – and playing it too, because my Sim totally went got the snowcone all on her own. Lol all I could do was laugh. And we had a laugh on facebook at those pic postings too. 😆
      Poor Will was not doing too well. Me and Eddie never did have a jam session.

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