026 Jemma’s Night Out With Mom (04-28-13)

Told by Jemma.

Mom got me some new colored contacts. They make my eyes look so pretty! And new lipstick!


And a new cute outfit!


Stevan’s gonna love this.


“What?? You can’t come over, again? Text you in two hours?” Ugh. This boy is gonna drive me to drink.


Well at least my fans love me.


Hi Sunny Flower and Borage and Mikezumi and Vinna!


Mom’s butt is getting really big. Is she carrying the baby down there? Tee hee. I swear she’s gonna dance that baby out.


I can put on a sexy bass pose like Daddy does. But I’m not as good as him… he is Teh Master!!


“Oops sorry Daddy, I won’t touch it anymore.”


Mom said she’d take me out on the town, since I’m almost of age now. And she said they never ID in Starlight Shores so I’d be able to get in. Plus she got like, street cred and all.


OMG that was a cop!


“I’m nineteen, I swear.”


“I’ll have a lime Monster drink, on the rocks. Actually… make it a double!”



Yes my mom is really pregnant at a bar. So what?


“I’ll have a double White Russian, please. Make sure it’s 2 percent milk and not that skim milk crap. And with full shots of vodka and kahlua, no half shots.”


I decided to play darts. Stevan, this is your face!




This Eugi’s bar is cool. It has a jam space. I played guitar for Mom’s townie friend Karen.


Then mom of course couldn’t pass up a jam on the piano. It was rad! And epic! It was epic-ly rad!!


“Hey Karen, we need a drummer! Come up and play!”


“Uhhhh, yeah no. On second thought, you suck. You can take a break from playing now.”



It was only midnight so Mom said we should go to the Grind for some dancing. RAD! So we piled in the elevator… two pretty girls and a hag. I don’t know why Karen changed from her pink dress into that ugly grandma sweater.


Karen was a party pooper and went home. There’s nobody here but me and Mom and that freaky bartender.




We only had time for a quick dance and one drink and the weird bartender sent us out cause the bar was dead. Jerk.
“What do we do now?”


“Let’s see who’s on Simbook.”


Mom and I are glued to our smart phones… literally.


“Oh mann it’s 7 am! I gotta pee so bad! Those darn energy energy drinks!”


“Thanks Mom, I had a lot of fun!”




By the way, Jemma and The Party People are on Simbook.
Sharona’s account: https://www.facebook.com/sharona.watley
The Party People: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Party-People/166522536838099

You can read The Party People on their own blog.

Add us if you are a Sim!

BONUS VIDEO #1: Jemma At the Bar and Playing Darts

BONUS VIDEO #2: Jemma: “Hey Mom, want a drink?”  Mom: “I would love to but I got this baby. Aw screw it, gimme dat.”

BONUS VIDEO #3: Jemma and Mom are, um, literally glued together to their phones. Mom listens to deadmau5 on her ipod.

A lot of these extra funny things that happen are totally autonomous. 😀

11 thoughts on “026 Jemma’s Night Out With Mom (04-28-13)

  1. I agree – they can keep that fat-free milk out of my drinks too!
    Love the mother/daughter night out, even though both shouldn’t be drinking for different reasons.

  2. Awww SharonaSim! And you! Haha, such a cool Mom. I begged my mom for colored contacts and she declined. Every.Single. Time. -_-
    I agree about the skim milk nonsense. I love 2% milk. Yum yum.
    That pic of them attached to their smartphones with their hands together was adorable.
    LMAO yeah, darts at the Stevan’s face dartboard. I think Stevan’s cute, but he’s not bringing his cuteness around enough! *pouts* LMAO.
    This was one of my fave chapters.

    • Ahh thanks, it’s one of my favorites too! Did you watch the videos? I love how they turned out because it was all on their own. The things like the dart playing and playing with their phones was all autonomous, which made it even funnier. LOL if I really was a mom in RL I’d be a cool one – right now I’m the coolest aunt. 😉 I LOVE milk too!

  3. I had a quick re-read. I do remember reading this out of order. I think there were a few I read out of order because I followed links from the chat thread but this may be the only one I left a comment on.

  4. Colored contacts, cute way to incorporate a color change! 🙂
    Oh Stevan… hopefully he’s actually busy this time.
    “Mom’s butt is getting really big. Is she carrying the baby down there?” – HA! I love how blunt Jemma can be.
    Preggo mom and underage Jemma… they make quite the drinking buddies! 😛
    Love Karen’s outfit. O.o the pink one! Not her mustard yellow sweater.

    • Thanks for the comments. This is one of my favorite chapters, and play session! It was like a night out for me here at my computer. Yes, Jemma and mom are good drinking buddies. LOL

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