027 New Visitors and The Magical Lights (05-03-13)

Garrick: “Dayum, I look good in spice brown.”


“Ruh ruh! Shar’s gettin’ some lovin’ tonight!”


Our teen niece Lulu came to visit us from Texas! She will stay with us for a while. Isn’t she gorgeous! (She is based off my sweet and talented real-life niece.)


“Cool! An upright bass!”


“Oh. Sorry, Uncle Garrick.”


“I can still play Aunt Sharona’s piano though, can I?”


Lulu is doing very good in her piano lessons!


“That was a song I made up, Aunt Sharona. Hey, can I feel the baby?”



Since Grayson now sleeps downstairs, Lulu will share Grayson’s old room with Tegan. Jemma played Lulu a welcome song before bed.


“Tegan sleeps on top cause she’s scared of monsters, right?”


(Jemma is so tall compared to little Lulu! I have a Grow mod and it’s awesome to see the little teens.)

Tegan: “Can we go to bed now, Lulu? I’m tired.”


Also my FB friend and new Simmer addict (because I got her into the game and there’s no turning back), Krisztina joined our Watley save! I put her in a cabana just down my street and immediately went to visit her.

Krisztina: “I’m so excited to be in your game!”


“You’re getting so big! Have you got two in there?”
“I hope not.”


Since no amount of juice will affect Sim babies, we drank outside for hours under the beautiful aurora borealis.


She has a good sense of humor and laughs at my sarcastic jokes.


Krisztina loves her shots… a lot.


“Huh?? What’s a unicorn aurora?”


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!! Did you see it? The unicorn aurora was right behind her!! I had to rush home to tell Jemma that Domino was visiting and she should go to see him. πŸ™‚


Jemma woke Lulu up because she thought she’d like to see a unicorn for the first time, so together they headed out for the falls.



Both of them got to touch and talk to Domino.



“Heyyy, there’s a karaoke machine here. Lulu, we should sing a song for Domino!”


“By the light….. of the silvery moooon!”


“Hey looka that. The sun’s coming up!”


Lulu’s so pretty in the sunrise!


“Ugh! I’m exhausted. We better head home.”


“Ciao, babe.”



BONUS VIDEO: Jemma and Lulu sing a goodbye song for the unicorn. Mannn I thought they were better singers than that. -_- Β  (AN: I just love bad karaoke πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Seriously.)

Also… Krisztina is krisztinavalo777 on the forums. Look her up and give her a friendly welcome!

7 thoughts on “027 New Visitors and The Magical Lights (05-03-13)

  1. Garrick does look pretty dang fine in that color, lol. πŸ˜€
    Lulu is so adorable (I love the recurring joke about Garrick not liking people to mess with his bass).
    Freakin love grow, will never go back!
    Krisztina is gorgeous in your game. πŸ™‚
    I had already seen the video but they are so cute singin together, even if it’s a little painful, lmao.

    • Haha the bass is right out in the living room so everyone’s always going at it! Then they just happen to give me these great expressions so ya know.. I gotta use them. πŸ™‚ I’ve got some great group shots of the kids at varied heights, it’s wonderful. Krisztina certainly learned how to put a Sim together well! I do love bad karaoke! Thanksss.

  2. Lulu is so cute! Lol their expressions when they get caught using the bass is so funny!!! πŸ˜€ Krisztina is pretty!! Jemma is tall!

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