028 At the Club & Tegan Turns Teen (05-07-13)

Look out. Wide load coming through.



“Wooo hooo!”


“Shush. It’s only lemonade.”


“Mmmmmm…. apple cobbler.”


Gotta eat extra for the baby.


Are you lookin’ at my ass?


“Mommy, is the baby coming soon?”


“I hope so, ’cause she can’t get any fatter.”




By my calculations, I will have the baby on Monday at 2:00 pm. It’s only Sunday so I’m gonna spend the day with my new friend.

Damn limo drivers. Aren’t they required to take parking tests like the rest of us?


Hey there’s Krisztina!


“I’m hoping it’s a …. well, I don’t care what it is. As long as it’s got Garrick’s hair.”


“My favorite color is red.” Β “My favorite color is black.”


“You’re a party animal?! Me too! Hey look, there’s Eddie Starr. Maybe he’ll join us.”


“Geez, wait up. I can’t run that fast ya know.”


There’s was no bartender here so I had to run the bar… until this old maid walks in. Really? A ritzy club like this and you send HER? That’s it, I’m buying this place and gonna take over, lady.


“Whatever, get me a round of drinks.” Β Awww, drinks for the baby.


Meanwhile,Β Krisztina is heavy into her video game.


“Is that girl dancing or looking for gum under the table?”


“I think she’s having trouble with the toilet.”


Shae: “Were you talking about me?”


Krisztina: “Dang it! You took all the toilet paper!”


“Daaaaaaayum! You fine! But who let that old-ass pregnant bitch in here?”


Krisztina got some funky moves.


I do my best to keep up.


Anyway… with all the excitement of having a new friend in game (and into the game), I totally forgot about Tegan’s teen birthday!! Well at least Willow was there for her ‘party’. Sorry baby. 😦 ❀


She’s such a cutie!
Tegan: “Where is everybody?”


“Okay so, these shrimp are awesome (and awesomely expensive!) but I gotta get home to my daughter.Β Until we meet again, sexy Eddie.”



BONUS VIDEO #1: Shae (by Buffyspiker) is having a bit of bathroom trouble.

BONUS VIDEO #2: I invited Shae to join the conversation… but things just got awkward.

And just to poke more fun at Shar’s fat butt:

16 thoughts on “028 At the Club & Tegan Turns Teen (05-07-13)

  1. hehe funny chapter! how sweet of Willow to be there for Tegan’s party πŸ˜› Tegan is suuuuuper cute!

    • Thanks! I dunno where the rest of the family were. I love Tegan! She’s got Garrick angled nose but she’s real cute and little. πŸ™‚

  2. Haha Funny update!! Sharona is getting big! Can’t wait to see this baby… boy I hope! πŸ˜€ Them at the bar is too funny! The guy was rude though. That better be colored water she drinking lol! Awww, drinks for the baby haha! Tegan is gonna look so much like Sharona it’s scary!! πŸ˜€

    • You might have to get used to her pregnant if I decide to let them have six more kids. LOL. Thanks, this was a fun update to write and play! Tegan is kinda the underdog now so I guess she does that to get attention. She is Excitable too so she giggles and freaks out a lot. Teehee.

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