029 Baby is Born! (05-11-13)

It’s Monday and the baby is due, and I got a pretty new coat from the CAS store! I called to see if Krisztina wanted to go out for lunch and then come over to watch the baby birthing but she had to work.


Oh well. It’s just me and Garrick then. But I got a new shirt too! Blonde, black and blue are nice together.


“Hey honey. I’m allowed to play your bass, right? Come jam with me.”


“Yes dear, you are.”
Garrick is not too bad on the piano!


But of course he’s better on the bass. And I’m better on the piano. Willow watches the happy couple jam.


“Uhhh Garrick I don’t feel right.”


“Don’t stop, honey! We sound awesome!”


Garrick: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”


“Waaa-ma-zee-ma-dooo!! ZEE-MA-DOOOOOOO!”‘
“Would you just shut up now! The baby’s coming early. Deal with it.”


“OW! There goes another contraction!”






“Seriously, Garrick? Is this too much for you to handle?”


Garrick: “I’ll just look away and think about painting flowers or something.”

051113-919e - Copy

051113-921e - Copy

“Are you sure you’re doing okay?”




Okay, it’s finally happening!!


It’s a girl!!! Since I didn’t have any names pre-planned, I decided to name her Blue. *shrug*  Because I have a pretty blue shirt on. And Blue could be a cool name. But guess what, she rolled Grumpy and Neurotic! LOL, so it’s actually the perfect name for her. 😀



BIRTHING VIDEO!!!!! Ya can’t miss this. 😀

10 thoughts on “029 Baby is Born! (05-11-13)

  1. I like her new shirt. 😀 That’s one of my favorite mat items.
    Hahaha oh Garrick, let’s just keep playing and ignore your wife in labor.
    Aww Blue is a perfect name with those traits. 🙂 Loved the video. 😀

    • LOL it was funny that she had to pee so bad when she just spilled her water all over the floor. This house was made for me on request. i suppose I should look her up again so I can give credit for the house! I may have tweaked minor things but she did the color scheme and rooms as I asked. I don’t love everything about the layout but oh well.

      • There’s been a few sims in my game who did the same thing LOL

        That’s why I prefer making my own houses cause I know what I want. But that house does look great. 2 of my friends want me to come over and build their sim a house haha. Borage’s new house too forever. I’m thinking of getting a head start with his beach house in Sunlit Tides.

        • I have some outside house shots to show for my next chapter actually. I can’t build well though (not like you), so it’s okay for me. I did add a top floor, and there is a basement and rec area and even a movie room which is cool. I’ve only allowed embedded replies here for 4 or 5 comments, so you may not be able to reply. 😀 😛

  2. Fine I’ll just make a new comment then :p I like to think of myself as a “okay” builder. I’ve seen some stuff that’s like “WOW I wish I could do that”. I wanted to tell neanbeans that I never seen a terrible house when they was building house. However I did, someone was inspired by Montigo Manor 2 and wanted something like it. It was a huge fail, a huge empty box basically. My friend said that how her houses look like. A empty box LOL Back in my TS2 days I use to watch builder videos here and there. But I always been able to make something out of nothing since I was a kid. I guess building comes natural. Back in my arts and crafts class when I was 7, everyone makes a egg doll while I made a egg cat lol My mom use to hate how I did everything different from everyone but my dad would tell her, that what made me unique and shine. She doesn’t mind it so much now.

    But I would like to see more pics of the house 😀 I do like the colors. At least that was to your liking.

    • Yes I know you are very creative. I admire your colorful creativity. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong though, I do love the house. Just the placement of the rooms is not the best because it is a large square and the rooms are kinda placed around the middle spot. In that main floor at least. I do love the decor and colors and the little details she put on my request, for example the trophy area, bar/rec area and a cat room. And my bedroom colors. When I got the patience I’ll take some inside room shots for ya.

  3. LOL, when Garrick was like “I’ll just think about painting or flowers or something.” Pee dance? Oh no, not good to have when the other thing is happening! AAAAH! LOL, now I’m freaking out as much as the Sims are! Teehee.

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