031 Borage and Bot (05-16-13)

Told by Jemma

A new piercings store opened up in CAS, so I got my nose pierced. Rad! Now I can be like Sunny Flower.


Grayson and I heard through the plumvine that Borage Montigo and Sunny Flower were in town. Omg! So we had to go visit them cause they’re like, famous.


Wow. I don’t know why Sunny was so emotional.


“Hi Borage! It’s me, Jemma. We chatted on Simbook.”


“You’re cuter in person. So are you eighteen yet?”


OMG. I think he likes me!

Sunny: “Hi Jemma! You’re so cute! Don’t mind Borage. He’s only trying to get in your pants.”


Grayson said hi to Borage too.


I think he likes Borage. I swear I could see pink hearts floating above his head.


So we didn’t stay long anyway. They had ‘stuff to do’, they said.

Back home, I found that Mom went and got a Simbot from the LTR catalogue. It’s her ‘new best friend’, apparently. I thought Daddy was her best friend. How can a bag of smelly metal be a best friend?


And wow, he really did smell.


Awww, Willow is so cute when she’s sleeping like that.


Mom: “Why is the cat on the counter when we’re eating?”
“Don’t move her, mom. She’s so cute!!!”


Dad was like, totally freaking out at the Simbot. I wonder why.


Tegan: “Dad, you left your dirty plate there.”
Aubrey: “I’ll get that.”


I think the Simbot was freaking out at the dishwasher. Weird.




We invited Borage over the next evening. Grayson had his fancy jacket on.
Borage: “I can’t help with homework. I don’t have time for that nerd shit.”


“Sorry Lulu, I don’t have time for that nerd shit either.”


Borage likes to drink, just like Mom.


Grayson: “Your hair is cool.”


Umm… Grayson, he loves the ladies. I don’t think you have much of a chance there.


So I guess Grayson is trying to impress Borage or something, or at least have hair like him, because next morning before school he’s got his hair all combed different, and he got some new clothes.


“You’ll only impress the nerds that way, Grayson.”

“Oh yeah? I’m so handsome now, even the wild animals wanna know me.”

“The wild animals are running away, Grayson.”



9 thoughts on “031 Borage and Bot (05-16-13)

  1. LOL I kinda feel for Grayson a little. Cool hair but nerdy clothes haha. I notice Borage isn’t too far from his first house. I miss the second house 😦 I like the simbot. I may get one soon.

    • Hah yep, once a nerd, always a nerd. 🙂 I like him that way. You mean the yellow house in the background is where Borage lived? I was wanting a Simbot ever since seeing so much of VRStevenson’s bot.

      • No, it’s the white modern style near by. I remember moving Lindy into that yellow house after her makeover. When I finally get a simbot, I hope it jumps in the pool LOL. Borage has way enough LTR points for one but I think his house have enough sims. But then again… he’ll need help once the babies start pouring in again.

        • Aubrey does help with the baby! Okay, I didn’t really notice where I placed Borage and Sunny since I wasn’t going to be playing them.

  2. rotfl I love the look on Sunny’s face when she saw the hearts over Grayson and Borage’s head. I love Aubrey the robot. 😀
    Hah Poor, poor Grayson, his crush is totally too cute.

  3. Loved it!! I like Gemma’s P.O.V. a So cute Gemma was a nose ring to be like “me”. I am quite emotional- you just never know when I may bust out in tears for any reason. 😛
    I think you nailed Borage’s character pretty good, hehe!

    • Thanks. I had to use a different hair for Sunny because I didn’t have that hair you have. (I think I do now but I do like the hair I chose.) I wanted a nose ring for Jemma anyway, and then when I got your sim you had the piercings there, so great!! LOL that was pretty much her first reactions when I placed them on the lot. 🙂 There’s a bit more Borage coming up for later posts. He’s fun.

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