032 House Pics and Family Randomness (05-20-13)

I’ve played quite a bit over the last few weekends so this chapter might be kinda random and I need to catch up!

First of all, some house pics. Dene (TheNay) and Krisztina had asked for some pics of the house. I had these already taken, but later will do some inside shots so you can see the rooms better. Our house is the one right on the bottom corner of this picture, in a private spot up in the hills of Starlight Shores. If houses bore you, just skip a few pics ahead for the fun stuff.


I didn’t build the house. It was custom-made for me upon request. I need to track down the creator so I can give her proper credit. I’m sure I can find her in my emails or links or Downloads folder.

We moved to Starlight Shores just after we got married, and lived in few houses. We were in a small temporary one while this was being built. I can’t remember exactly but this one cost between 4-6 million, and we paid for it honestly, with the cash we had on hand. No cheats!! I like the challenge of making money in the Sims by working for it. So we were in the tiny house while we were scraping up the last of the funds needed. Jemma and Grayson were tots and we had the three cats, myself, Garrick and the butler Thaddeus in that small space for a while.

Here is the top closed view of the house. The party area with pool, bar and dance floor is on the top left. Kids area on the right. I may have modified the upstairs a bit, and definitely removed some grass and foilage from the backyard so we could have more room for partying guests! And other minor modifications.


Side/back view.


And open. Main floor. There is also a basement recreation area with bar, gym area and movie room. And upstairs is Grayson & Jemma’s rooms with full bath..


Here is the front. I always need a locked gate to keep away those pesky paparazzi and rabid fans! It looks brown here in this light, but it should be grey.


Aubrey the Simbot is settling in. He likes to spend time at the computer in my office.


And at the downstairs bar. I guess he figures the alcohol cleans his gears.


He helps with the baby too!


Hey Tegan, whatcha doin?


You better not be planning to jump in that pool with your clothes on. Go put on a swimsuit.


“How’s this, mom? Do I look like a zig-a-zag, huh?”


I don’t know why I like this picture so much, but she just looks so cute in her swimsuit and slightly awkward pose. She is very bendy.


“I wanna go to China and learn martial arts.”
“Okay sweetie, I think you’d be good for that. We’ll try to arrange a family trip soon.”


Krisztina came over to see the baby. But ended up seeing more of Garrick than of Blue.

“So this is your friend? She’s cute.”


“You’re hot.”
“Hey now. He’s mine!”


Willow aged to elder! 😦  (I may have to age her down again. Just ’cause…)


Speaking of aging, I got a notice that Adairna’s boy Vandon had aged to toddler. Here he is with his older sister standing behind him.


They usually just stand around. Her name is Lucy.


And Adairna and Isaac are expecting again! Yes she married Isaac Luck in this save – I had nothing to do with it! Funny, she has the Unlucky trait but she married into Luck all on her own. And I like that hair on her. It frames her face well.


I started making over some of the kids’ friends. If their generation is going to populate the town they better not be puddings! And Jemma’s birthday is soon, so I wanted all school friends to come looking decent. I started with Grayson’s school chum and kid crush, Traci. Traci does have a boyfriend now. But wow, look how the game dressed her.


Much better. She got her hair color softened and some nice flirty curls, eyebrows reshaped, minor facial surgery and makeup, and of course we threw that horrible purple pin-striped blazer up the eww tube. Now Traci is worthy to be a friend of the Watleys. 😉


Grayson:” My mom did this? You look awesome! And look how our colors match… we’d be a perfect pair!”


Traci: “I don’t think so. You’re confused.”


Sorry Grayson. Mommy loves you. ❤


COMING UP –> deadmau5!


And Jemma’s YA birthday!



9 thoughts on “032 House Pics and Family Randomness (05-20-13)

  1. The house looks awesome, I love all he walkways.
    Aubrey really is fitting the way he’s enjoying the bar there. 😉
    Hehe Adairna is so cute and her kids are adorable!
    Poor, poor Grayson, he just can’t catch a break when it comes to love.
    So much awesome coming up! 😀

    • Yay! I’m glad you’re excited about what’s coming up. Me too! Probly won’t be til the weekend. Poor Grayson, I’m torturing him a little. 😉

  2. the house looks great! the pudding makeover was definitely good!
    🙂 and Aubrey is awesome…i havent seen a red simbot!

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