034 Jemma’s YA Birthday (05-25-13)

Told by me.

“Hello. STEVAN?! You’re calling me before school on my birthday? How sweet of you! I hope you’re able to come to the party today.”


It was the day Jemma would turn young adult and we were getting the place set for her party. Our musical gnomes will greet you at the door.


Will came around noon to hang out with Garrick.


“Hooray! It’s my birthday and all my school friends are coming!”


Jemma played with Willow a bit.


And the girls chatted and played with the cats.


Traci: “You must be Grayson’s little sister.”


“Yeah. What about it?”


I invited an alien. Just ’cause I could! I haven’t had any abductions yet. *knocks wood*


This is Tawnya Greco from Grayson’s class. I had already done a makeover on her but Nrass’ Dresser adds random accessories. Ergh.. that was annoying me so I removed it, rather than fool with settings. Not to mention her dress was ugly too.


Much better. Although she’s not too happy about Pedro there. (Okay it’s not Pedro but they all look the same to me. πŸ˜‰ )


She is pretty. But she has Mean-Spirited or some other bad trait.


Some of the adult guests started arriving. Van! And deadmau5! Between them is Aurora but she has the wrong hair and outfit. I had already been in CAS a lot in the last few play sessions so I left her as is. Sorry Aurora. Also Eddie and Sunny are there. (Sunny has the wrong outfit too, but oh well.) Behind Van is Dante, who (if memory serves) is Stevan’s ‘game-geneticized’ brother.


Sunny: “Who is this idiot? Mickey Mouse??”


Deadmau5 soon left as he had to work. As a music ‘fan’.

Okay, the sun is going down. Let’s blow out the candles before it gets dark!


“Come on, everyone. I’m waiting.”


Shar: “I’M HERE!!”


Yay! Look who’s also here… Stevan!


“Yay all my pretty friends!”

Wait now, who is that girl…?


Yuk. As pudding as they get. And that skin tone just does NOT work with those features. And what’s with wearing boots under her jeans so that they literally poke holes through the jeans! :eyeroll: Β With the braids I imagined her as native American, but as I worked on her she became a bit more Asian-looking. Either way, I think she is gorgeous now.


Thank you Katie. You’re pretty now!



“Okay, first I must meditate.”


“This feels funny.”


Here goes!


“Ooh! Heh heh, excuse me while I go change.”



“This feels better!”



NEXT UP: Some more party shots, then Jemma’s grad day!

“Why do I have to carry the baby?”




8 thoughts on “034 Jemma’s YA Birthday (05-25-13)

  1. HAH, I love the musical gnomes. I haven’t encountered them yet.. course I tend to sell gnomes too so.. maybe I just sold one right away.
    Hah, I love the random alien.
    I love having dresser but I had to disable accessories on roll cause they were seriously getting out of hand (I have some dorky weaponry, like axes and stuff that my townies keep ended up wearing).
    Man she’s pretty post make over though. Maybe Grayson will make a friend? πŸ˜€
    rotfl, “who is that girl?”
    LOL I love her face with the baby at graduation.

    • Whoa epic comments! πŸ™‚ I tend to sell the gnomes too. I may put Dresser back when I got the patience. Grayson has been trying to make friends! LOL I really don’t know why she had to carry the baby!

      • Yeah dresser can be a bit of work, I have to re-configure mine now cause I forgot to save my blacklist. -.- It’s worth it once it’s done though. πŸ˜€

  2. The musical gnomes are cute! lol
    Tawnya is pretty.
    Yay Steven showed up!
    Sunny: β€œWho is this idiot? Mickey Mouse??” LOL
    Katie is gorgeous. Love the makeover.
    Of course Jemma grew up fantastic looking

    • LOL Sunny in RL said that’s what she would probably say about him. πŸ˜† I am binning Katie – I like her too! Thanks, Jemma is gonna be fun as YA!

    • Well I dunno if they are musical gnomes but they do look like rockstar dudes. And we play music a lot so I figure that’s why they come πŸ˜† Yay Jemma, and can you believe Stevan actually showed!

      • I just looked up the gnomes – it’s the Lounge Lizard Magic Gnome and he shows up after Singing skill Level 7. It’s about the only one I ever see!

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