035 More of Jemma’s Party (05-30-13)

Jemma gained the Party Animal trait at age-up. Since I played this several weeks before doing the update, I can’t remember if she rolled it or I selected it for her. Either way, it’s the most logical choice. Β πŸ˜‰

Grayson: “And now we return you to Jemma’s birthday party!”

“Stevan, would you stop blowing that thing at me now?!”


There was quite a crowd looking for cake. Perhaps I should have had two. But wait… what is going on between Borage and Sharona?


Borage: “There’s so many hot ladies here! Is that Sharona?!”


Shar: “Hey handsome.”


“Hey, sexy lady! That’s one hot dress. I bet it looks better on the floor.”


Borage is just too charming… πŸ˜‰ Don’t worry, we’re just friends. We just play-flirt with each other for fun.


“Dat ass.”


Borage to Katie: “Hey Sakura, yer cute.”


Jemma: “Hey Borage, I’m legal age now.”


Borage: “Perfect. Send me a picture of your ass.”


Umm, Adairna, did you forget a plate or something…?
(Yep, pregnant again!)


Shar: “It’s my specialty drink. The Watley Watermelon.”


Grayson: “This drink makes me feel… alive!”


Grayson: “I LOVE THIS PARTY!!!!”


Tawnya: “You’re weird. But I kinda like it.”


“Hi I’m Katie. Your mom invited me cause she suggested me for bartending at that new dance bar, The Pocket. You should go there sometime, it’s awesome.”


The blonde guy in the background is Stevan’s older game-generated brother, Todd. And the other boy is grown-up Derrick Wen, the other cute boy Jemma liked when she first met Stevan.

“Nyah nyah! Grayson’s got a funny face!”


“No fair, Traci! We’re not kids anymore you know!”


Derrick looks amused. And dang cute!

Jemma randomly disappeared for a while. O_o The only way I could find her was to click on Stevan for a dance. Oh well, they seemed to have good memories of it anyway.


We still had fun without her. Somehow I managed to get her in the tub so she would change her clothes. Weird.. maybe bad CC I dunno.


Tegan’s got some pretty awesome moves.


“Well yeah, it’s ’cause I’m awesome.”


Stevan: “I wish I could find Jemma.”


Sunny: “I need to go home now.”



VIDEO: Cleaning up after the party

7 thoughts on “035 More of Jemma’s Party (05-30-13)

  1. Poor Grayson, so awkward but silly. Was Tawnya generated by the game? She’s cute. Borage heheheh “Dat ass” Yep that’s so him. Sunny needs to lighten up. Sunny had the look like Andre has whenever he’s invited to parties LOL. Katie is really pretty.

    • Did you like how Borage called Katie Sakura? Hehe. Tawnya was introduced in the last chapter (where Jemma aged up). She was a spawned classmate but I remade her, like I did with Traci. That’s not the best shot of her ’cause her eyes look funny. She looked better in the last chapter. I dunno what got into Sunny. LOL. Maybe she didn’t get cake.

  2. Party animal really is perfect for her. πŸ˜€
    Trouble is going on! Nothing but trouble!
    Hah Borage is always so awesome. ❀
    Derrick Wen is super cute. O.O
    Glad Jemma returned, that's weird.
    Rotfl Sunny, poor thing.

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