041 Jemma and Stevan Love, Part 1 (06-13-13)

Told by Jemma.



“Hi Jemma, I’m here.”


I got a bit bored of waiting for Stevan so I decided to play guitar. He’s still been pretty elusive and it’s hard to get him to come over. I suppose with being a policeman now, it keeps him even busier. Anyway he did agree to go on a dinner date with me, and we both dressed up real nice.

“Hi babe, you look good. Can I get another picture of us?”



“It looks great!”


You look great,” I said to him. Mannn, as annoying as he is, I forget that when I get to see him, because he is hot as hell.


I could feel him staring at me, but he didn’t say anything.


“So should we go eat?”


“I really had a good time with you, Jemma.” He said after our brief dinner date was over. “But I gotta get home ’cause I have to work early.” Figures. Oh well, at least I got to see him for a little while.


I just love this boy!


But now what? Still all dressed up but nowhere to go.


I just went home and daydreamed about him and looked at our pictures. He’s soooo handsome and I think we look really good together. I bet we’d have great-looking babies if we ever got married.

A new place, The Pocket, opened up next to Eugi’s. Mom had something to do with getting it here, and she’s working with the owners or something. She said she used to play at one in Appaloosa Plains so they’re like a franchise I guess. There’s so many clubs here in Starlight Shores now! And I’m of legal age so that’s wicked.


Mom said she’ll keep The Pocket here as a dance bar though, because we got the piano at Los Sueños. Mom and I have both played there.


That guy was just rude!


A few nights after my date with Stevan, Mom had a big show and I did some sing-o-grams at the park. Stevan was there playing golf. What a surprise!



Stevan came with me to watch Mom’s last set.


He was pretty excited!


But then he said he had to go home. Mom said she had visited Sunny earlier and tried to get her to come out too, but she was too tired. Geez, we need more night owl party animal friends.


“So are you in the mood to go check out The Pocket? It’s the grand opening night.”


Celebrity sighting! We saw Van there!


Katie Wheeler was working at one of the bars. I gotta get to know that girl. She seems really cool.


Mom: “You’re making sure to measure the shots, right? No free-pouring.”


It was around 1 o’clock and I had a few drinks in me and the dance music was pounding. My phone rang.

“STEVAN!! What are you doing calling me this late? I’m at the club! Come over!!”


OMG! Stevan was actually calling ME? He must be really thinking about me, to be calling me after he had gone home. Well he didn’t want to go to the club so I said let’s meet at the unicorn park. I know that’s not the proper name for it, but that’s what I always call it now because that’s where Domino hangs out. Damn, I was so excited!!


Woot! There he is!



To be continued…


VIDEO: Jemma plays guitar for Stevan

9 thoughts on “041 Jemma and Stevan Love, Part 1 (06-13-13)

  1. Stevan does seem awful aloof at times.
    Dang it Stevan!! At least he showed for the date I guess, lol.
    Seems like Sharona is becoming quite the real estate mogul.
    LOL Sunny.
    Aww! She’s so excited! It’s about time though!

    • Yeah I wanna move him in or something just so I can control the f*cker. Lol. I’ve always purchased buildings but somehow ‘real estate’ is different from other buildings. Like, I can’t rename Los Suenos and I have to increase the property value or some shit. Excuse my language. 😛 But yeah… About time!!

  2. She really loves her some Stevan!
    The great seemed nice.
    That’s a nice looking club! 😀
    That guy was very rude :S
    Great update! 😀

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