043 Parallel Love (06-17-13)




“You’re up early.”



Yeah, that was weird… Mom doing her random dancing in the hallway while I stroll in from the hot tub at 7 am. Good thing she didn’t ask why I was in my bathing suit.

Anyway, I slept all day and did a few sing-o-grams when I got up. One was for Borage. He called and said he was trying to flirt and needed help writing a song for his lady. He must have been working out because he was kinda smelly.


Another was for Tegan’s school friend, Tristan Ramsey, Stevan’s brother by adoption who likes sitting in the grass. He’s teen now and he seemed pretty grumpy. I didn’t do do well. He made me kinda nervous.



There was a party at the Ramsey’s that night and of course I was invited. It started raining when I left but by the time I got there it was a horrible storm – the worst I’ve seen! Gosh I was pretty scared. Lightning and everything. I wish I hadn’t worn my dress but I brought a change of clothes. I kinda wanted to stay over since, well, we had done it and all so we could sleep together now.


“Hi Ezekiel. Is Stevan home?”

“Yeah but you better go catch him. He usually goes to bed as soon as he gets home.”


Ugh! It was a party. Why is he going to bed?

And what’s Borage doing here..?


Borage: “I was waiting for a lady friend, but there’s only a single bed here.”


“But I guess I’ll leave you two lovebirds to it. Don’t do anything I’d do.”


Stevan: “He’s right. I only have a single bed. Do you wanna sleep in the guest room?”


“Really? I can stay?”


“Yes, baby. I’m glad you’re here.”




The storm mostly cleared up by morning. I suddenly woke up and was hit with a strange sensation.


Oh Plumb. I got the focus.


I’m pregnant…?


How did this happen…?


I went to use the bathroom then waited for Stevan to get up.


“Good morning. Guess what?”


“I’m pregnant.”

“That’s great!”


“It means I’m going to have a baby.”

“I know!”


“So you’re okay with that?”





I don’t know if I’m okay with this.







“Oh, hi hun. What’s up?”


Garrick: “I just wanted to explain… this thing about ten kids. Well, maybe it’s a twin thing. You know, everything is better doubled. And we’ve had five so far –counting August of course– so ten is double the fun. Get it?”


Shar: “That makes absolutely no sense.”

“I’d rather go crazy than have five more kids!”


“I’d have to be drunk out of my mind before I agree to having another kid!”


Garrick: “You look drunk now.”

Shar: “Shit!”


Of course, having a twin had nothing to do with making babies but what got him on that silly thinking was, for one, Zumi’s Party Place opened up on the hill…


…and guess who we suggested to head up the food and catering?


Garrick’s twin, Uncle Mason!


Mason: “So how is everything with the family?”


Garrick: “Great! It’s a full house and it’s gonna get even fuller.”

“What do you mean?”


“You wanted me for something?”


“Oh… I see what you’re doing there.”




AN: As you know, SharonaSim is my Simself and is loosely based on myself but much glorified and slightly exaggerated. I do like to dance and party and enjoy a nice drop of vodka some weekends, but I am not a drunkie! 😆 Just so ya know. 😉

9 thoughts on “043 Parallel Love (06-17-13)

  1. Rotfl Sharona is so cute dancing there. Girl has some awesome curves!
    Heh working out? Borage? I’m betting it was something else. 😉 hehehe.
    Tristan is really cute. 🙂
    “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” lol
    Aww she’s so cute all apprehensive about telling him and he’s all “That’s great!” 😀

    ROTFL poor Shar, Garrick is really trying to sell her on that kid thing.
    Yay Mason’s back! 😀
    Hahahaha Garrick, omg. I’m laughing so hard. Clever man!

  2. Haha I wish I had curves like her now. Got the booty tho!
    I had to resist putting some snarky comment about Borage there but I decided to keep it clean. You may have seen the ‘dirty’ caption for that one. 😉 Tristan did turn out cute! I’m glad, because I made him over as a kid only and didn’t peek at other ages.
    Borage actually said “Don’t do anything I *would* do.” I tend to think it has a slightly different meaning. 😛

    I’m glad to see Mason too! Hehe Garrick is like “You KNOW you can’t resist this body!” LOL, he has the flirty trait like Borage. Not quite as prominent, but still cute. 😀 Thanks for reading.

  3. hehe “i got the focus” we all know what that means! pretty shots of her too 😀 Im superrrrr excited to see there baby!! and hmmm will Jemma’s baby have a new auntie or uncle soon? Garrick seems to think so 😀

  4. Sharona was having a good time all by herself! haha She’s so curvy and it’s nice on her!
    Oh yay a baby! Can’t wait to see him or her! 😀
    Looks like someone else is gonna have a baby too!

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