051 Shar’s Recap and Garrick’s Surprise (07-27-13)

Long time since you heard from me personally, hey? Our family is doing… as well as we can, I guess. We are getting bigger and bigger (literally!) and there has been a lot of stuff happening.


Thank goodness the weather is cooling off a bit – I’d be sweltering in heat with this big baby and all this weight on me.


It’s starting to drive me crazy!


Anyway, I’m on my way now to check and see how things are going at Los Sueños, and to pick up my dividends. Already got my money from the theatre and the Bistro.


“Hey Isaac. Slow day?”


“You guys don’t mind if I work here, do you? I gotta do a blog entry.”



So let’s see…

I got a lot of nice gifts from the kids when they got back from China.


“I loooove the buddha thing!”


“This? Meh. Garrick better not try and put that in our bedroom.”


Garrick got himself a juice kegger so he can be like the cool kids.


Lulu had some troubles with school. She is a good student and such a quiet and shy girl, I hardly ever lay eyes on her, so this was unusual.


“Please Aunt Sharona, I’ll do better I promise, just let me go to school today!”


“So I skipped school and now you’re grounding me and I can’t go?! That doesn’t make any sense.”


“Uncle Garrick, I just wanna go to school! Will you drive me?”


“Never mind.”


I think the gnomes keep breaking the shower. I’ll blame it on them anyway.


Willow: ‘Yes, it was them.’


We had some lovely family jams when Tegan got back, and finally she was able to join in on her violin!!


Well, kinda. If you call that screeching racket music.


Dad: “Tegan, why can’t you just play the same song we’re playing?!”


As you know, Jemma had a baby girl, Jovanna.


And my baby boy is all grown up! He is super handsome. Where did he get that body all of a sudden? And who told him he could go at the juice keg?


“Dad did.”


“Okay, you gotta hoist up with me so you aren’t so heavy. Ready? 1 – 2 – LIFT!”



Grayson: “That was awesome.”


Aubrey: “My turn!”




“Okay Grayson, I think he is drunk already. Don’t let him have any more.”


“We are awesome.”


I don’t know what is going on with Jemma, but it seems she is in a post-pardom depression. Of course a big part of it could be Stevan too. Looks like Garrick and I will have to have a good talk with that boy. Or gift him a swift kick in the arse, as our friend Buffy suggested.


Tegan wrote more letters to Tristan since she got back from China.


And has been checking the mail to see if he will ever return her letter.


Unfortunately, he finally did. 😦


Yes, that’s right, Tegan. You hone up on your kicking skills because you might need them for Stevan and Tristan.



Time to break for lunch.


And a bit of piano-playing to stretch my legs.



Now on to the, uhh, interesting news.

Garrick gets the focus and he is yelling. “SHARONA!!!”


“Uhh, what’s happening, Garrick? And what are you doing in Jemma’s room?”

“I just came to check on her and well, um….”


“Garrick, are you aging?”


“I think so!”


“OW! My back!”




“Garrick, you’re old! How could you not know this would happen?”

“I dunno! Is my hair gone limp? I feel like my hair is limp.”


“Yes, it’s gone limp. And I bet something else is gone limp too. How are we going to have ten kids now?”

“I’ll think of something.”


“Uncle Garrick, what happened?”


“Just some technical difficulties. Nothing I can’t fix, not to worry.”


“Daddy, does this mean your quest for ten kids is over now?”


“Dag dag! Not at all!”



“So I guess baby #5 will be the last one, huh Garrick?”

“We’ll see about that.”



BONUS VIDEO #1: See? I told you Tegan could jam with the family. Kinda.

BONUS VIDEO #2: Tegan can sing with the family too! Kinda.

9 thoughts on “051 Shar’s Recap and Garrick’s Surprise (07-27-13)

  1. Lol, Aubrey. Simbots are such light weights. 😛

    Hehe. Why, yes, yes I did say that. 😉 😀

    What a nasty letter Tegan got from Tristan. :O Poor girl. Geez, what did she ever do to him? Yep. He needs a swift kick in the arse too. 😡

    Lol! I love how Garrick is only concerned about his limp hair. Oh well, I suppose they make pills for the other issue. 😉
    He’s looking damn good though. Barely changed at all! 🙂

    • Hehe, Garrick does look pretty good. He is proud of that. 😆 Bitta sagging in his face though (and maybe elsewhere.. lol). I got such a kick out of the simbot and the keg stand! And yeah… Tristan, forget him! >:[

  2. I cracked up seeing Aubrey and Greyson doing the keg together. 😆 Oh my, what a super nasty letter Tegan got from Tristan. It was so mean. Someone needs to go throw him in the river or shark infested waters. I got a chuckle on the pun to his manhood. 😆

    • Thanks, I got such a laugh at the simbot doing the keg stand too! 😆 And I thought Tristan would be a nice boy for her. 😦 😦

  3. Garrick aged up with the same hair color? LOL the only time I played a family long enough to have someone get to elder, the game made their hair white, all the time. Haha, limp hair, that whole conversation between Garrick and SharonaSim was hilarious. Tristan…. wow. That was umm, harsh would be putting it mildly. ROFL.

    • No, my elders always age up with the grey/white hair, but I often change it. Garrick just needed to keep his color – he should not be old yet! 😆 The limp pun just came to me as I was doing the pictures for the last part of the chapter.. thanks 😀

  4. And if Garrick gets his wish that family will just keep getting bigger!
    Hehe she’s so cute carrying around her laptop.
    I love that Issac is the one working the bar. 😀
    LOL “like the cool kids”
    Poor Lulu. 😦
    “Or gift him a swift kick in the arse, as our friend Buffy suggested.” Teehee.
    WTF Tegan is awesome. -.- Maybe we’ll need to contract Desmond for that boy. 😛 He seems like he has some serious problems and could use a good scare.
    hahahaha the hair and ehem other thing “limp” discussion was great. 😀

    • Hehe I didn’t even realize she had the laptop at the time, til I did the pics. I think I assigned Isaac to the bar. It’s just nice to see him. 🙂 Poor Lulu barely gets any play time let alone screen time – that was all I had of her! Buffy liked that comment too. 😀 Oooh dark Desmond would be a good one to “deal with” Tristan. LOL thanks.. Garrick does not enjoy being limp! 😆

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