054 Garrick Thru the Ages (08-18-13)

Told by Garrick.



“Today, boy, is the first day of the rest of your life.”

Grayson: “That’s not very profound for an old man, Dad.”

“It was the best I could think of.”


You haven’t been an old man long enough for such desired words of wisdom.

“Oh hey, Simgod. After the grad we can do it, right?”


No, you gotta age Maxwell up after.

“Aww, but I wanted to do it now.”


I said no. Besides, I kinda like you old. You’re funny.

“And sexy, right?”


Hah. That’s right.

Shar: “Tee hee, just as flirty as ever, honey.”

Me: “And you’re just as beautiful and pregnant as ever. Now get your fat ass in that car.”


Lulu: “Why does the graduate always have to carry the baby?”


Me: “Holy shit, Lulu, you’re graduating too?! When did you become a woman?”

“A few days ago. Didn’t you see me?”



“Sorry. No.”

“Looking sharp, son. Hold on, I gets a picture of ya.”


The ceremony was long and boring. It was snowing when we got out. Grayson seemed to be getting a bit of attention from a lady.


We were all chattin’ and stuff… then Jemma saw Stevan and she started being a bit weird.


And she passed out right in front of everyone, in the snow with her dress on.

Shar: “JEMMA!!!!! What in the world is wrong with you?!”


Tegan: “Hey lady, stop taking pics. And don’t go putting those up on Simbook. We’ll be all over the tabloids.”

Grayson: “You should delete that pic.”

“It’s my pic. I’ll do what I want with it.”


Apparently the rude picture-taker was the lady who is trying to have a hundred babies, Vinna Rocha, and we think she may also be an underground reporter or something. Because the next day this was up on Simmit.


Well, by George, if Stevan had something to do with my girl being unwell all the time… and then she’s out in public like this… he’s gonna get an earful from me! And maybe a fistful.


I had other family matters to tend to later.

“Hey Daddy’s new boy, it’s time to grow up. And that’s right it’s Daddy, not to be mistaken with Grampy, okay little Maxwell?”


Wow, he’s got hair like mine!




“So Dad, I saw some kinda potion on your nightstand…”

“My Alka Seltzer?”


“Alka Selzer is blue, Dad. Besides, you got it in an erlenmeyer flask.”

“They mixed up a cherry flavoured kind at the pharmacy for me….”

“Really, Dad.”


“How’d you know all this chemistry stuff—- hey, d’ya wanna see some pictures??”


“Those aren’t even pictures of us, Daddy.”

“Just nod and smile, okay? Appease an old man.”




Okay. Drink it then.


But it will be my decision if I want to age you up again.

“I’m okay with that.”



“I don’t feel any different.”

Wait for it.


“Garrick, what’s happening?”

“I’m floating!”


“Are you aging again?”

“No, I’m de-aging!”


Cute bum.


“Well it’s taking long enough.”

Sorry I was looking at his bum.


“How do ya like me now, honey?”




“Now I’m sexy right?”


Yes, you’re sexy.


“No more Limp Dog! Look out boy, I’m coming for you.”



“Ya know, I got a blue belt in Simfu.”



VIDEO: Young-again Garrick sings Barn ta Glarn

EXTRA: To celebrate Grayson’s official exit from school and into young adulthood, I have prepared his .sim file for Download! HERE


Also, Lulu. Since she is technically still a teen in RL, she is uploaded as that. HERE


13 thoughts on “054 Garrick Thru the Ages (08-18-13)

  1. Gooder is my favorite rabbit hole school, it looks like high schools where I grew up, lol. Yay for Grayson!!! No surprise there though.
    LOL Garrick!
    Poor Lulu, she looks so sad but dang she’s pretty!
    hahahaha Vinna couldn’t help but spread the juicy juicy gossip.
    Max is gonna be sooo freakin cute when he gets older.
    rotfl is it just the pictures that came in the wallet???! ROTFL (man I need to eat something this pumpkin ale is hitting me hard…BUT I DIGRESS..back to comments)
    Well hello again there young sexy Garrick!!!
    And you know I totally snagged Grayson and Lulu. πŸ˜€
    Hmm the next update makes me sad just reading the title…. but I will press on and read anyway!

    • Bahahaha yep, the pictures that came in the wallet!! πŸ˜†
      Yay for snagging Lulu and Grayson!
      Thanks for all the hilarious commentary.. now back to sleep! πŸ™‚

    • Haha Garrick will age again eventually. As for my Simself, she will stay at young adult and be 39 forever!! Hehe. Maybe when I turn elder myself I wil— oh never mind I don’t wanna think about that!

      • right!
        What if we were all here still
        when we turn OLD like in the 80’s?!
        That would be a trip!
        but yeah, lets not think about that πŸ˜‰
        your simself is awesome
        she’s too good for that πŸ˜‰
        Are you going to let Garrick pass on?! :O

  2. Garrick looks awesome again!! he was cute as an elder though. πŸ˜›
    I was wondering how he would have time to get 10 babies. He is really making use of the chemistry table!
    Maxwell is adorable!!

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