059 Jemma is Moving On (09-23-13)

Told by Jemma.

That night I broke up with Stevan, I was looking at all the pictures we had professionally done. They were still sitting on my computer – I never did do anything with them. I guess I was waiting for him to propose before I edited them to show them off. But he never did.


But they were all so wonderful, and I was oh so sad. I picked out some favorites and made borders around them and saved them in a folder in case he ever came back to me.




Although I’m thinking he might not…


We had been together since high school. Our prom picture was still on my night stand. But that would have to change.


A lot of things would have to change now. I had to put him out of my mind and accept the fact that it just wasn’t meant to be.


He was my only real boyfriend anyway. A lot of people go through many boyfriends before finding the right one, so I’ve been told. My mom had a lot of boyfriends. Maybe even girlfriends. I don’t think I’m gay though. I like boys.


The day after we broke up was Snowflake Day. That was kinda hard, breaking up with him the day before Snowflake Day. But I knew it wouldn’t be as hard as trying to be happy with him and exchanging gifts when inevitably we would have to break up anyway. Forever alone, just like calzone.


But it was hard seeing everyone around me all happy.


“So you and Grayson are still getting along, hey?”


“So far, so good.”


“That’s nice.”


I watched my sister getting ogled by the guys. Why was Tegan suddenly getting all the attention? Because she had suddenly developed these long legs and curled her hair and learned how to put on makeup? My makeup, that is. And my curling iron.


Oh well, at least I had my drink.


I mean, at least I had my baby.


(commence Jovanna baby spam)


Mom wasn’t due til much later that night, but she actually went into labour in the middle of the party.


And then something else unexpected happened. I got a call from Derrick Wen! Very strange. Why was he calling me?


He wanted to meet at the beach house. That was where I first met Stevan. Why did he want to meet me all the way over here?


“Hi Derrick. What’s up? I was kinda surprised to get your call.”


“Jemma, thanks for meeting me. I— ahh, this might sound weird but, I wanted to apologize.”


“Apologize? For what?”


“Just for being a jerk. You’re a really nice girl and I was a jerk to you a few times.”


“And also I wanted to apologize for Stevan.”


“For Stevan….?”

As it turned out, he had worked with Stevan and got to know him a bit. Stevan just wasn’t really that into me, he said. And there was this other girl he was more interested in. I didn’t know who she was – some red-head chick, he said. It was a bit of a blow, but I told Derrick I had already broken up with Stevan. So it didn’t really matter anymore. At least I would have to convince myself that it didn’t.


Still, I felt really uncomfortable, being here alone with Derrick when he was still going out with Shellie. I’m sure it wasn’t because he liked me or anything. But what if people found out? I told him thanks and left him there.



Over the next while, the snow started to melt and I put Stevan out of my mind and put myself full-on into my singing career.

Calls were coming in like crazy, now that spring was here. Everyone was flirting and being in love and wanting romantic-grams and celebration-grams and whatever-grams. The good thing was, I found out where to find all the men — at the gym!

In one day alone I met a handful of men. First the dashing Morty Goth.


And Jaxen Miles, who I think my sister was interested in… or he was interested in her, I’m not sure. Or he was interested in all of us.

“Your family is like, famous! You’re all such beautiful blondes.”



This guy was really polite. He was Alain Rocha, son of Vinna the baby challenge lady (and might I add, was the one who wrote a defaming post about me passing out in public, but I’ll forgive her for that because she has cute sons).


Alain: “I believe it was destiny that we met. We have so much in common. And I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I think you’re hot.”

A little creepy, but okay then. He does do the same gestures as me, so maybe we do have so much in common.


Of course, it wasn’t all men that I did sing-o-grams for.Β This girl was a bit of a bitch, because she was trying to flirt and I was late because I was doing other grams across town.


Flannery: “What took you so long?! Can’t you see Bobby and I are trying to get romantic here?”


Of course I held my tongue. But she was okay after. We chatted inside, and she is a partier like me and she seemed like a lot of fun. I really needed some girl friends since I no longer had Stevan.


“Maybe we could go to the club sometime.”

“That’d be cool.”


It seemed like every man, dog, and mouse were at the gym at any given time. Plenty of fish in the sea?? Pfft… forget that. Plenty of men at the gym!


On this day I had just done a gram for Kam Baker, when none other than Jaxen Miles called. For a date.


Sorry Tegan. Ya snooze, ya lose.



Stay tuned…Β 


Others’ Sims appearing in this episode

Jaxen Miles by VRStevenson

Alain Rocha by VRStevenson

Flannery Dove by AnonymousMiss from A Dove of a Different Color

Bobby Steel by anglidor


15 thoughts on “059 Jemma is Moving On (09-23-13)

  1. Oh Jemma! You don’t need him!
    HAHAHA forever alone like the calzone
    D: Now I really hate Stevan! That jerkass punk!!
    LOL Jaxen likes ALL of what the Watley girls have to offer.
    Hehehe I think Jaxen will treat her a lot better. πŸ™‚

    • Haha I figure now if I ever get around to uploading Stevan everyone will want to abuse him. πŸ˜†
      Jaxen is so funny – there will be more pictures of him stealing phone shots of the Watley girls. πŸ˜‰ He is a Klepto after all. LOL

      • Hahahaha that’s so great, I didn’t have the celebrity system turned on until recently so I forgot how funny the obsessive picture taking can be. — Yeah I wanna feel bad for poor Stevan in that respect but ya know… *grumble*

  2. Aw those pictures of Jemma and Stevan are sweet.
    I really thought he would’ve been the one! “Oh well, at least I had my drink. I mean, at least I had my baby” Hahaha
    Jovanna is so cute I hope she doesn’t turn out like he rdaddy.
    Uh oh! 😯 I hope Tegan wasn’t all that into Jaxen, but I hope he treats Jemma right!

    • I really thought he would too. 😦 Jovanna is a little sweetie – I think she’ll be fine. Tegan was kinda into Jaxen.. LOL she ranked him 10 out of 10 and blindingly stunning. Oh well! Question now is, will Jemma treat Jaxen right…?

  3. oooh Jaxen called Jemma for a date! yay!

    lol@ at least i have my drink..err baby… XD
    love that look Jaxen was giving while Jemma went up the stairs;)
    Flannery is so cute, i hope she and Jemma can be good friends!!

    great chapter! πŸ˜€

  4. Aww. Jemma…
    Oh at least I have my drink.. oh wait.. I have a baby.. LOL
    I am sure Jemma is much prettier than the red head!
    Derrick is hott!
    Alain :D.
    Flannery is pretty!
    Aww.. yay Jaxen called her for a date!

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