064 Jemma and Phoenix, True Love (11-22-13)

Told by Jemma.

It was all a bit of a blur. Phoenix and I went on a few dates, and I gotta say, I had never ever gotten this much attention from Stevan!


He’s constantly telling me how beautiful I am. We complement each other so well!

We even had woohoo a few times. He’s so sexy in bed.


He usually pulls out in time.


The first time he stayed all night he was a little shy about sleeping with me, so I convinced Jovanna to let him have her bed.

“Hi. Did you sleep well.”


“Yeah, you?”


“Yeah. It was a little lonely though.”


“You can stay over again if you want. And sleep in my bed this time.”


“Okay. I did miss you.”


Tegan: “You guys are too cute.”


I gotta say, it was like magic between us! He made my heart flutter so much. It was day and night from Mr. You-Know-Who.

Me: “Please tell me this is not a dream. Tell me that you are really real.”

Phoenix: “I am really real.”


“You are really really the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”


It’s so supremely awesome. I am on cloud nine!!


And you know what that calls for!


A dance!


I love kids music. It’s just so happy and carefree.


Speaking of kids…. Phoenix came with me to Blue’s birthday party.


“What’s wrong, sis?”

“I hate this dress! It looks like a hand-me-down from my grandma.”


Sheesh. Typical grumpy Blue. She was okay though once she got to the cake.


Vandon and Esme Jonso-Luck were there. And Cyrus Montigo, who I think Jovanna has a crush on.



“How do I look?”


After, we had cake and Phoenix met most of the family. Especially Mom.

“It’s good to see you again, Mrs. Watley.”


“What did you say to Phoenix?”


“Oh I just told him he better treat you good, that’s all.”


“Of course he’s treating me good. Better than Stevan ever did.”


“Okay, just be careful. Most guys only want one thing. That is to get in your pants, and knock you up and get you pregnant with ten kids.”


“Phoenix is not like Dad, Mom.”

“I know. But I’m just looking out for your best interests, ya know. You’re not exactly the smartest chickie when it comes to love stuff.”


“Am I right, or am I right?”


Me: “I dunno.”


Mom: “Anyway, I got you a gift. It’s a grand piano that was given to me by Bosendorfer for all that promotion I did for them.”


“There’s a piano in this box?”


“No silly, it’s the key to the storage room where it’s at.”

“Awesome, thanks Mom! I’ll have to make space in Jovanna’s art room upstairs. She got the digital piano up there now.”


“Yeah pianos! Yeah boys!”


Mom also gave me and Tegan the old red Ford when we moved out. What a nice momma!

Life is good.



BONUS VIDEO:Β This is a video from when I first found Jemma and Phoenix together after they moved out, when I was still playing Shar’s household and I creeped in on her. I nearly fell off my chair in excitement to see them together on their own. I laugh at the end cause it sounds like she is eating him. πŸ˜†

5 thoughts on “064 Jemma and Phoenix, True Love (11-22-13)

  1. I’m so happy for Jemma! She finally found true love and he seems really good for her.
    I thought the dress look alright.
    Happy birthday Blue!
    SharSim is such an awesome, cool mom! πŸ˜€
    LOL those make out noises! πŸ˜†

  2. πŸ˜€ It’s cause Stevan is a jerk! >.<
    Aww they are so cute. ❀ It is a reason to dance. πŸ˜€
    Happy Birthday Blue. πŸ™‚
    Hahaha I think Sharona is feeling a bit miffed about her man's quest but it's not an invalid fear with sim men!
    I can't believe I am behind this far, I could have sworn I was all caught up but I'm remedying that! πŸ™‚

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