085 Grayson & Lilo

Told by Grayson.

I think I’m starting to get things figured out. Since I left home I kept meaning to go to university, but I just couldn’t seem to get my act together enough to find the right one and get all the applications in. I did make a visit to one but just wasn’t feeling it… I dunno why.


I guess I just liked being close to home, and I could visit and hang out with my mom anytime I wanted. I still practically lived there, even while I was moved into an apartment with my cousin Lulu. But I moved back home when she got married to that freaky mouse DJ guy. I liked being home – it was fun being a young adult with lots of money and no responsibilities.


But I had to grow up sometime.

I applied for a job at the Science Center and they accepted me based on my high school academics, which were of course straight A’s.


Tawnya had sent me a text saying she was leaving town for a while and might be gone indefinitely, and not to expect to hear from her much.


So that was that.


It was time to start the new phase of my life.


I had moved up several ranks at the science center and was becoming a pretty respectable scientist, but I still felt the need to upgrade my skills and go to university soon. Graysonberg was gonna tread lightly no more.



Dad: “Congrats on your latest promotion. So what happened with that Tawnya girl you were seeing? Did she grow into too much of a bitch for you, or what?”

“No, Dad, she grew up fine! Don’t you even remember stuff I told you? Things just didn’t work out with us.”


“Cause she’s a bitch.”

“She’s not a bitch! Okay, maybe she’s just a little… misunderstood. Besides, she left town. But anyway, this new girl—”

“She really is a girl, is she?”


“Yes Dad. Of course she’s a girl. You know I’m not gay! Well…. she is kind of a girl…”

“Oh I see. She’s one of those transgender folks?”


“Oh my god, Dad, why do you have to be so difficult?”


Once I convinced my dad that I was in love with a human-simbot, we took to our new summer ritual of hoisting each other up to the kegger.

“Hold on, son. Don’t drop me, for the love of Simgod.”


“Dad, don’t you think I’ve done this enough to not drop you! I’m not a wuss anymore.. geez.”



Life is good.


It wasn’t too long before Lilobot and I officially tied the knot in a casual, private wedding.


“Hello, Mrs. Lilobot Kane-Watley.”

“Hello to you, Mr. Grayson Kane-Watley.”


It shouldn’t be all that out-of-the-ordinary that I married a simbot. After all, our family simbot Aubrey had found love with a human… and they were both boys. So if gay simbot love was possible, certainly I could love a sentient female bot.


Lilo is different from your normal simbot. She is in fact the first of her kind – a simbot that is more human than any others before her, who could feel real emotions and even express love. A Simbot with a SOUL.


It’s really awesome that I found her. She is one of a kind, and we are in love.



NOTE: Lilobot is made by the lovely Kaleekalo and can be found on her Simblr here: 


I am assuming she doesn’t mind her Lilo being in my story, since she does have her up for download! 🙂

Lilo’s official story is “Fall Into the Future” and is about her finding love with a lesser-humanlike but still adorable boy simbot from the future. Click on STORIES to find it. 

VIDEO: Quick glimpse of Lilobot

7 thoughts on “085 Grayson & Lilo

    • Hi and welcome! Thanks for your first ever comment. 😀 Garrick… he’s funny sometimes like that, don’t mind him it’s probably just the juice talking. 😉

  1. Well look at Grayson! I like his new college professor look.
    And Lilo is pretty. When I first saw the picture I was like.. She doesn’t look human.
    Congrats on the two and Aubrey!

    • LOL I like that you called it a ‘college professor look’… ’cause later he goes to college as an older adult and everyone thinks he’s the professor. Hehehe. 😆

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