086 Grayson Again, and Toddlers are Cuter!

Told by Grayson.


On this day when Lilo and I were at the summer festival, I spotted my sister and brother-in-law with their twin toddlers.



“Hi sis. The twins sure are growing up! Looks like you’re having an easier time than your hubby though. You sure he can handle another more kids?!”


“Oh don’t mind Phoenix. He just gets spitey when they cry and are fussy. Which is about half the time. Haha! Too bad though – he still has to change the diapers! Hey, speaking of kids, are you and Lilo gonna have a family?”

“No silly, she can’t conceive because she is a bot. Bots can’t have babies.”


Jemma then told me that she had seen Lilo the other night and Lilo seemed really excited about the baby in her tummy.



“I told her you should get a surrogate momma and plant your seed in her and have a baby. Wouldn’t that be awesome for you to have a baby, Gray?! I’d be an auntie!”

“Plant my s—?”

Luckily I was saved from answering my baby-crazed sister, because Adairna Jonso was there waiting to get a pic of me.


A famous legacy character wants to get a pic of me? Does that make me famous too? Of course I would oblige. I guess my handsome-ness attracts the ladies too.


Jemma: “But you don’t have to have sex with the surrogate to plant your seed. Wait…. do you and Lilo even have sex?”


“That’s a bit of a personal question, sis…. What’s wrong? What are you looking at?”


“Gray! Look… it’s the Grim Reaper!!”


“Oh my god, and it’s Isaac!”



“Adairna’s husband!”



“Can you watch the babies, Gray? I gotta get Phoenix to find Adairna. I think she’s over there playing soccer.”


So while my brother-in-law comforted a totally oblivious and shocked widow, I looked at Jemma’s kids.


They were pretty cute.


All that blue hair like their daddy.


Imagine if I had a little boy like that with my face and my blond hair. That might actually be pretty cool. And he would grow up to be a little man like this one.


My sis was crazy enough to do the eating contest after. “Need food for the baby!” But me and Lilo had to go, so the kids sat nearby and watched her.


“Hey, where you going, little one?!”



After work one day, I received a text. It was from Tawnya, my old girlfriend. She was back in town. Hmmm.



Lilo: “Yes, I grew up with humans but… I don’t think I would know how to raise one. Can we just order a small simbot?”


“But I want a child, Lilo. A real child who looks like me. I’m going to do artificial insemination.”

“Your sister talked about that. Is it like inserting a chip?”

“Well… no insertion needed… in that sense. I mean… in the physical sense. I mean— *ahem*…”

“I don’t know, Grayson.”

“Anyway, it’s perfectly safe. And I already have a candidate in mind.”



“You’re not mad, are you? I want us to have a family.”

“Umm, no, but… I will have to read some books…”


Yes, she would have to read some parenting books and I would have to convince her.

Because I kind of had my mind made up.



Bonus pic: Fefe with his fluffaly bunny!


6 thoughts on “086 Grayson Again, and Toddlers are Cuter!

  1. The babies are sooooo cute!
    Well then! I hope Lilo will be ok with Grayson’s decision! He’s a bit impulsive huh? Still though, it will be neat to see him with a baby someday. 🙂

  2. The twins are cute!
    I hope he isn’t thinking about asking Tawnya to be a surrogate… -_o
    Lilo you better what your man LOL
    But I don’t think he would cheat or would he?! Nooo… >_<

    Can't wait to see what happens.

  3. EEEE I love seeing the twins little again. ❤ I am so partial to those two. 🙂 Silly Gray is quite the stubborn man but he is getting older and seeing his sister's kids I think would motivate him.

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