087 Jovanna Meets Atlas

Told by Jovanna.

After that incident with me kissing Esme’s boyfriend, she never spoke to me for a few days. Admittedly, I would probably react the same if it was my boyfriend. But the quest was still upon me to successfully kiss a boy, and I wasn’t one to back down from a challenge.

Speaking of boys…


All the girls in school are talking about this new fairy boy, Atlas Yager. I met him today and he was nice enough to exchange numbers with me!


I managed to patch things up well enough with Esme after I told her about my new crush on Atlas. I felt really bad because her dad had just passed away from a freak hotdog-eating incident, so I wanted to go over and give my condolences.

“I’m so sorry, Vandon! My mom and dad were there when it happened. At least you got your sister and family to help you get through this.”


“Thanks, Jovanna. It’s been hard. Nobody expected it that’s for sure.”

“But he was kinda old, right? I mean, was it the hot dog, or…?”

“Well I guess it was asphyxiation… from the bread and all. But at least Dad had a good insurance plan, so when his insurance money comes in we are finally gonna be able to afford a bigger house and move somewhere better.”


“Oh? Not out of town, I hope?”

“Naw, I’ll still be here, working at the art gallery. Though none of us will need to work for a while but I gotta keep busy, ya know, and be the provider for the family.”


“You work at the art gallery? I do a bit of painting myself.”

“Really? Thats awesome. I don’t paint, I just do random things there. I bet you’re really good.”


“I’m just learning, really.” I sized him up. Hmmm… a boy with money and drive and art appreciation… and he isn’t half bad looking. And the way he was smiling at me—

Esme: “Does anyone notice I’m still here?!”

“Ohhh… sorry Esme!”


“And stop flirting with my brother! He’s got a girlfriend. Like I have a BOYFRIEND.”


I tried my best, but she wasn’t as easily consoled as Vandon was. Perhaps she was still harbouring some anger about that Cyrus incident. Double oops. It must be really hard to lose a dad.



I kinda had two dads, but I’d actually be more distraught if I lost my stepdad. My genetic dad wasn’t in my life that much, though I did talk to him on special occasions. Tonight we happened to meet up to have a bite to eat. Well… I ate. He said he was too stressed to eat. I had heard rumors his wife used to be a bit of a drinker and wondered if things were okay with them.

“So, you and Flan are doing okay, are you?”


“Yes, as good as it can be right now. Donte is having some troubles in school but it’s probably typical for his age. Maybe you should spend some time with your little brother and help him with his school work. You know Flan is not the best at that stuff, and my police work gets me really tied up…”


“God, Dad! You really think I got all the time in the world to be going across town to do elementary math problems! It’s all bad enough that I have to take care of the twins half the time and I got my own stuff to deal with! And with Mom pregnant again, and Phoenix is always out ghost hunting and he’s barely around—”


“Honey, is it really that bad?!”

“Sorry, am I being over-dramatic?”

“Perhaps a little.”



Okay so maybe I was PMS-ing that day. But I did text Atlas and he texted me back. We didn’t actually make a date or anything, but I bumped into him at the coffee shop one night.


“Hi, it’s me Jovanna Watley. Remember I sent you that text the other day?”

“Yes hi, of course I remember you. Did you get my reply?”

“Yeah, but I never got a chance to text back ’cause I was with my friend and she was kinda upset about something.”


“Oh, sorry to hear. You must be a good friend to be with her like that when she was upset.”

“Yeah… I guess.”

“So what brings you here to the coffee shop? Wait now, did you say your last name is Watley? I saw someone Watley’s name on a sign here, supposedly a show was cancelled or something.”

“Oh yeah, that’s my mom, Jemma. She’s pregnant so no more gigs for her for a while… haha. Besides, she wants to move up to the big gigs at the arena.”


“Oh, does she sing?”

“Yeah she sings and plays piano and is working on an album. I play piano too. Do you like music?”

“It’s alright. I appreciate it and all, but I’m not really a music fan as such.”

“Oh, okay.”


Then he suddenly said he had to go home ’cause it was getting late and his grandmother would throw a fit if he missed curfew.

But hopefully it’s not the last of that handsome fairy boy I’ll see.




One thought on “087 Jovanna Meets Atlas

  1. I feel bad cause I almost never get my sims out to visit their half siblings outside the household. Jovi’s little brother probably could use the attention, it sounds like he’s worse off than her live in siblings. 😦 YAY ATLAS!!!! ❤

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