089 Grayson Goes to University, Part 1

(Author’s Note: Sorry for the long wait since the last chapter. September season came and work got busy, and I have not been doing much simming. The Watley story will still trudge on!)


Told by Grayson.

“I’m so glad you could do this, Tawnya. I am very excited.”


Tawnya: “My pleasure, Grayson. I’m excited to have our baby. It’s nice to see you again. You’re looking good –the baby will be handsome if he gets most of your genes.”


“Oh, thank you… uhh… you are looking well yourself.”

Lilo: “…”


“And you’re looking good too, sweetie, as always! Isn’t it great we’re gonna have a family?”

Lilo: “Yes, it will be nice. But will Tawnya show me how to take care of it?”


“Oh yes, I’m sure she will. Right, Tawnie?”

“Yeah, sure. When I figure it out.”

“Oh. Heh heh. I better get you all some baby books then! Anyway, when I do my term at university she’ll only be in the first part of her pregnancy, but I need to start now so I can be back for when the baby comes. You two will be okay here together, won’t you?”

Tawnya: “Sure.”

Lilo: “Okay.”


Spot: “…”


That moment was more than slightly awkward, but thankfully it passed without further awkwardness. Lilo went to recharge and Tawnya worked on making us some pancakes, which I was really looking forward to. And looking forward to a good, stiff drink after lunch. I had a lot of things to prepare for before my first term at college. I don’t know how I wasted so much time getting my ass in gear, entering freshman year at university as an older adult. But I figure if I want to be able to provide for my family I need to get the degree behind my name and not pawn after Mom and Dad’s money my whole life.


‘Shit, what am I getting myself into…?’



Not too long after Tawnya arrived, it was time for me to leave for university.

“Bye Gray!”

“Bye honey!”

“See you, girls. Take care of that baby, and each other!”


I didn’t want to stay at the dorms with all the young kids. Instead I found a nice house to rent on the outskirts of the campus.




“Hi honey. I just got here but it’s orientation day so I’m at campus.”


“Yeah, I miss you too. I feel old. Heh heh. I guess I’ll manage though.”


“Here’s your coffee, Professor. Dark roast and black as your boot! Haha!”

“Uh, thanks, but I’m not a professor.”

“Oh! So sorry, sir! You just look like one. My apologies! Do you have a son or daughter going to college?”

“Uhhh… no I’m actually gonna be a new da–oh, never mind. Thanks for the coffee.”


‘Hmmm… Do I really look that old?‘ I thought. ‘Did the dark roast black give it away? Maybe I should’ve said double cream and sugar…”



Grayson: “Hi there, sorry to stop you, but do you know where the Meet and Greet is taking place?”

Girl: “Meet and Greet is for first-year students. Are you the new Technology prof?”



“Thank goodness if you are, the other guy was boring as hell.”

“Umm… well then, that’s too bad. Technology is supposed to be exciting.”

“No man, he just put us all to sleep and plus he was a Linux freak. I mean, who uses Linux anyway except for super nerds?! You look nerdy too but not so much. Hopefully your lectures will be more practical for normal people like me.”

“T-thanks… I think. Anyway, see you around.”


I was hoping I would be able to make some friends, but that wasn’t working out too well so far. I felt like the oldest guy on campus. Surely, there must be some older adults here too, but I wasn’t finding them. All I found were rude kids or people who thought I was a professor.

“This is my game and I play it every day at this time. So you’ll have to wait your turn.”


I did find, however— the Technology classroom.

“Here I present to you…”


“Uhhh…. message balloons for iOS 9.0. They will be more graphically appealling, and Emojis will appear in the balloon itself, with even sharper resolution than before! To suit the retina display. Or something like that…”


“Now class, let us discuss the relevance of technology in today’s society. We can’t deny that the majority of North Americans are reliant on their phones, TVs, ipads, cell phones, and electricity for their everyday life and work.”


“It’s everywhere!”


“We can’t esca—”  *microphone screeches*  “OWWWWW my ears!”


“Oh well, at least nobody heard that.”


“Which is good, because I suck at this.”


There was a photo booth here. I had never done this before so I wanted to try it. I made sure no one was watching so I wouldn’t look like a loser with no friends.


“Wow I look handsome. And that was so quick!”


“OH YEAH! I’m in University! Woo!!”


“All this learning! All this untapped potential! I’m going to have a brilliant time no matter what.”



VIDEO: Grayson practices a lecture

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