091 Grayson Goes to University, Part 3

I thought about that cute girl Liz that I met that second night, but I didn’t see her for a while. I studied hard at my courses the first few weeks. I met a lot of people too, and I felt sociable. I even got invited to a cool bonfire party.


It was refreshing to be around the younger folks, even though a lot of them first thought I was the professor.  I think that impressed them, the girls especially.


I have to admit, the girls were interesting to me. I loved Lilo, yes, but there was something different about these girls…


Even the ones that were a bitch –they sent my adrenaline flying.


Real flesh and blood! Soft skin! Purple hair!


Purple hair??

Liz’s purple hair was fascinating. She was fascinating. Oh my.


“Hi Mr. Professor.”


“Uhh… hi Liz. What are you up to today?”

“I was just going to study up on the rooftop.”

“I enjoyed our game of pool. It’s such a nice night. Do you mind if I join you? I have some stuff to read and maybe we can study together. ”

“Okay!” She replied happily. “Is this like a date now?”

“Well, um…”


“What’s wrong? You don’t have a girlfriend or anything, do you?”

“No, no… no girlfriend…”


‘No girlfriend’, I thought. ‘I’m just married. So I didn’t lie, right? But my wife is a Simbot. She doesn’t understand male needs… for real-girl flesh…”


‘…Like this girl. Her hands are so delicate-looking in those cute gloves. Her breasts in that sweater are so…..’ *ahem*


‘Control yourself, Mr. Watley!’

“Liz, I-I- gotta go.”


“Ok… Grayson, is everything okay?”

‘Yeah… it would be okay if we did the woohoo like the guys were egging me on about… Come on Professor Gray, they said, prove your man skills…’



‘Gosh, I didn’t say all that out loud, did I?’

Liz: “So I guess I’ll see you around?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Oh! By the way, I’m having a dorm party this weekend. Are you coming—?”


“Well, I’m sure I could make an appearance. Good night, Liz.”

“Good ni—-mmmmph!”


That was unexpected. But something just made me do it. Like I was controlled by some outside force. The Man-Force…?

We said a quick goodbye. I hope Liz didn’t get offended by my forwardness. I quite liked it myself!



I couldn’t think about much else after that incident. All the campus girls were looking more and more beautiful.


‘Oh my word.’ The more girls, the better.


Even the test skeletons were getting frisky with me.


“Hi Liz!” I called out to her when I saw her pass.


“I hope I wasn’t too forward the other night when…”

“Oh, it’s fine.. a little unexpected though!” She laughed.

“Well, I apologize profusely–”


“It’s okay, really, Grayson. Just come to my party this weekend and you can make up for it.”

“I’ll make out in—I mean make up—in any way you wish!”


“Great! So it’s a date then!” She said as she hugged me gently.


“You’re a sweet girl, Liz.” I breathed as I felt her soft body press into mine. “See you soon.”



VIDEO: Grayson checking out the science equipment in the lab

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