093 Grayson Goes to University, Part 4

I invited Liz over the next day to do some studying for our big exam. We watched TV for a bit first because I just wanted to relax for a minute after a full day of classes.


Liz: “So I’m getting things lined up for my party this weekend. I asked a few friends already, and they are bringing other friends so there should be lots of people there? Are you still coming? I can get an extra case of juice for you.”

“Yes of course, I’ll be there. I wouldn’t miss it! I can get my own booze… don’t worry about it.”


Liz: “I guess we should get to studying. The exam is gonna be a hard one.”

‘Yeah… it’s gonna be hard…’


“Do you mind if we just cuddle for a bit?”

Liz: “Sure, okay.”


Hmm, this feels really nice.


Grayson: “Can I kiss you?”




Liz: “You’re a good kisser.”

“Really? Thank you.” Lilo had never said that to me. Liz’s lips were plump and soft. I missed the feel of real Siman flesh, and remembered how I enjoyed kissing my school girlfriend Tawnya… who incidentally is carrying my surrogate baby back at home. I did feel a pang of guilt… but I quickly buried that down. The way Liz was looking at me made me feel things in my body I hadn’t felt in a long time.


We actually didn’t get a whole lot of studying done –we kissed and cuddled a lot– but fortunately I didn’t let myself get too carried away either. We ended up scoring some cheat notes for the exam from an online portal. This would come in handy!



The night of the party at Liz’s dorm came. I had several drinks and was getting pretty buzzed as the night went on.

Liz and I were texting back and forth and flirting the whole night. We both had a tendency to use the bathroom a lot, and at this point she had been texting me from the toilet and I told her to come sneak in the men’s dorm washroom with me.


“Hello…. fancy meeting you here.”

“Hi, nice to see you…”


Things got pretty steamy for a brief blissful moment. Our bodies got hot and close, and I wanted to take her right there.


Liz: “Let’s go to my room.”



She was even more beautiful underneath her college clothes. I couldn’t think about anything else except…




“Wow, that was fantastic.”




‘Wait…. Shit…. what have I just done?’


I didn’t stay the night because Liz had passed out. I went back to my apartment right away. I was feeling so conflicted!

I was up til early morning. I felt a compulsion to watch some family videos because suddenly I was missing my wife and my family. I found a video of my dad with my sister Jemma when she was a baby. Aww, so sweet!


Oh, and this is baby Jemma again — and here Mom is pregnant with me!


“LOVE SUCKS!! Why does everything have to be so complicated!”


“Why is monogamy so overrated?! Yes, I love my Simbot wife! But real Simans need to experience real love with real Simans!!”


“It’s okay, I’m alright.”



I had no classes the next day because the term was over.


I went on some college chat forums. Some of my younger classmates had been pressuring me to get laid, and one of them who I was chatting to was saying there would be a party tonight with a lot of hot chicks.


By 10 pm I was exhausted, when I got a text from him.

“No, I’m not coming to your party, dude!” I said aloud.


Why didn’t he ask me last night? I wouldn’t have gotten myself into this shit!


I decided to call my wife.


“Hi honey. Sorry it’s so late…. Yeah everything is fine. I just was missing you and I wanted to hear your voice. Yeah the exam went fine. I think I passed.”


But I fail at life right now. Ugh.



The next morning Lilo sent me some pictures of Tawyna’s growing belly.


That’s my baby boy in there!


“I’ll be a great dad and husband, I promise you, little one.”



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