094 Grayson Goes to University, Part 5

I passed the Fundamentals of Addiction exam with flying colors. Hmmm… ironic, in a sense. Why do we have addictions anyway? Because we are lacking something and we need to fill a void? Apparently, I excel in all that… and everything debaucherous and lecherous and scandalous…

I thought about last night in my drunken state after fleeing from my female conquest, thinking about my baby in Tawyna’s belly but nothing about the fact that I just had woohoo with another Sim. I have a baby on the way!! What in the hell was I thinking?!

I put on a stoic face and prepared to get through my last day on campus.

I spent some time testing out the science equipment in the lab, since I was sure I would miss this amazing place after I left.

This machine is so fascinating! I can see so much of this rock.

Okay…. let’s go home.

“Hi honey!”

“I missed you!”

“I missed you too, babe.”

Mmmmmmm 🙂


“Tawyna. Have you been well? How is the baby carrying?”

“He’s so fine, Grayson! And you’re looking spectacular! University did you well! You look so smart and distinguished.”

“Hmmm… why thank you!”

“You’re welcome.”

*awkward silence*

“So….. it’s almost time though, right?!”

“Yes! He’s kicking now? Do you wanna feel him?”

“This is amazing, Tawnya.”

“This is really my baby?”

“I actually heard his heartbeat!”

“Thank you Tawnya, I will cherish you forever for this.”

“My pleasure, Grayson.”


*sigh*  My testosterone levels are feeling a little weird now.

“H–h–hello…. baby.”

“Is everything ready for when the baby arrives?”

“Don’t worry Grayson darling, I have everything under control.”


That night, in Tawyna’s garage bedroom…

“Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Owwwww!”

“Gray!!!!!!! I need you!!!”

“Tawnya, I got your text message…. what?… OMG! the baby??!”

“What do I do??”

“Get me to the hospital, Grayson!”


So many hours later, at the break of dawn, we welcomed my boy into the world.

“Hello Liam.”

“Tawnya, he’s perfect and beautiful! With chocolate skin just like yours.”

Lilo: “….”

Tawnya: “Hi baby!”


“I guess this is it then. We’ll send you a cheque in the mail.. Thanks for being a wonderful surrogate.”

Did I really just kiss her like that? Or did I dream that? I don’t know what is reality anymore…


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