098 Phoebe’s Bake Sale, Jovi and Tom at Jemma’s Show

“I know! I’ll have a bake sale!”

“I hope people buy my delicious vanilla muffins.”

Simone: “No thanks, the price is too high.”

Phoebe: “But they were in average demand!”

Simone: “Right. Just average. That doesn’t mean they’re great.”

It is rough in the bake sale business.

“Well I think they’re great.”

Then Nikki Minaj came along.

“Twelve simoleans for a muffin? No thank you.”

Yeeesh. It was a tough crowd for sure. Nikki, you’re stinkin’ rich and famous. Give the girl some money!

Out back, there was some karaoke fun going on. Little Tom came over to do some singing.

Nikki also joined in on the singing.

Fefe: “Hi!”

Nikki: “Who are you?”

Jovanna: “You came and sang on our karaoke machine without asking, so I think you should give me an autograph.”


During Phoebe’s bake sale, the neighbours apparently thought it was also a karaoke free-for-all. Derrick Wen’s sister Lorraine came by to sing.

Phoebe took a break to play on the little bee.


Fefe played with his awesome train set, a gift from Daddy.

Jovanna went to meet with Atlas after school.

They got a little flirty.

And kissy.

Jemma had her first show that evening on the festival grounds stage.

Mamma’s rockin’ it!

Jemma’s a natural!

Atlas: “I’m really tired, I was out late last night with my buddies. Why’d you want to meet here?”

Jovanna: “Hold up, I got a call.”

“Hello? Oh hey Tom!”

“Come meet us here, we’re at the festival grounds.”

“Why’re you asking someone else to meet us, when I’m supposed to be hanging with you?”

“Umm.. I figured we’re all friends here. Why can’t we all hang out together?”

“Just forget it. Forget my number okay?”

“Booo-nitzalrellie… please come see me…”

Jovi doesn’t let silly over-dramatic boys stop her from having a good time.

Tom showed up.

“Hi little Tom! Glad you could make it out!”

“Is it okay for you to be out at night here?”

“Yeah, it’s still early. ‘Sides, my parents don’t care what I do.”

It’s a beautiful moon this night.

So many adoring fans, including Sirus!

Jemma had a pretty good show. The festival co-ordinators loved her and promoted her to a headliner slot for the next time.

Sirus: “Hey, that was a pretty good show.”

“Thanks, friend! I’m pretty exhausted now.”

“I hope you liked my songs.”

“Say, do you wanna buy my album?”

Sirus: “Well….”

“I already bought it the other day, remember?”

“Oh…. 😦 ”

“I’m sorry, I forgot. You know.. I see so many people.”

“It’s okay.”

Sirus: “I’ll see you around.”


Jemma is sad about the apparent loss of a friend, but fortunately her family are there to support her. Hi brother Grayson and young Kale!

“Your pants legs are so short! Are you expecting a flood? Bahahaha!”

‘Is she making fun of me?’

Never, Grayson.

Kale: ‘Is my family kinda messed up?’

“Hello, do I know you?”

“Hi, I’m Aurora, your uncle Mason’s new wife.”


Jemma: “uhhh…..nitz!!…..”

“Gosh, I’m sorry I wasn’t expecting that.”

Jemma had to ride home on her bike because the car has been missing for many days now. Where is that red Ford??

Phoenix: “Did you ride home on bike?”

“Ummm… yeah.”

“Where the fuck is the car? Did you leave it at some bar cause you were too drunk to drive?”

“Of course not! I think Mom has it… I dunno, maybe she drove it home one night, I dunno, ask her.”

We found the car in Shar’s personal inventory. Indian giver!!


VIDEO: Jemma’s show

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