099 Jovanna and Tom Get Along

Told by Jovanna.

“Esme, you should come be a candy striper with me. It’s really good, you get to help a lot of people.”

“I dunno if I’m into that. I don’t want to be a doctor like you so there’s really not much point.”

“Ok, fair.”

“How’re things with your new boyfriend?” She asked.

“Ummm.. they’re fine, I mean… we’re fine.”

I didn’t tell her about the argument I had with my so-called ‘boyfriend’ Atlas, and that I was exploring other options– with little Tom. He just had his birthday and I decided to call him to hang out.

I always thought he was a cute kid but now he looks… whoa! super cute.

“Hi Jovanna! We can hang out and watch TV if you want. I was just watching a show about horse racing.”

“Oh cool! I love horses. I wish I had one. My grandma used to race actually.”

“Wouldn’t your grandma be too old to race horses?”

“Gawd! No, I said USED to! Like when she was young.”


“Hey, what’s shakin?”

“Hi Hamer. This is Jovanna. We’re gonna be in the living room. Don’t bother us, ‘kay?”

“She looks already bothered.” Tom’s little brother said. “Did you say something weird?!”

Well, that was awkward but we went in to watch TV.

“Ahh man, the horse show is over.”

“I don’t like this, it’s just some lame talk show.”

Jovi: “Well… talk shows can be informative sometimes ya know.”

Tom: “I guess.”

“He must be trying to be like Craig Ferguson, because he makes absolutely no sense.” I said.

“Yet he is funny as hell.”

“Maybe we could do something else?”


“Hey, sorry for what I said about your grandma. She’s probably not even old, I dunno.”

“It’s true, she doesn’t even seem old. She must have a super youth potion.” I said. “She could probably still race horses.”

“Cool. Maybe we should go riding sometime.”


Tom: “Do you wanna go outside for a walk or something?”

“Sure ok.”

We ended up sitting in the grass to watch the auroras.

He touched my hand!

We sat and enjoyed the pretty sky.

“Well, I gotta go but I had fun.”

Tom: “Me too.”

“I’ll see ya ’round, okay?”

I wasn’t about to ruin it with a kiss this time. The dare I was given to kiss someone had already been done so I had nothing to prove this time. I went home happy!


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