101 Sharona’s Family Day at the Park (and Pasha!)

Told by Sharona.

I decided to invite some family out for a summer day in the park. We had daughter Blue, Jemma and Phoenix…

Phoenix’s sister page…

“Your sister-in-law seems to like you!”

Of course she would! My daughter is adorable and pretty!

She turns after me… heh heh.

“I love this heat! I wish it would be summer forever!”

Salem invited along his new girlfriend Jasmine, Tara Wyzen’s girl.

“Your mom’s a model?! You look like you could be a model too.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“I would never do that superficial shit.”

“Mom, I got you a present.”

“Oh! What is it?”

“It’s a cookbook! Phoenix gave it to me but I don’t need it ’cause I already know how to cook.”

“Woo! Let’s get drinks!”

“Meh… tastes alright.”

The girls do karaoke.

Jemma gets her guitar on the go.

And gets a little flirty with hubby.

Salem… what’re you doing?

Aren’t you still underage?

Salem: “Ehh.”

Jemma tries to turn a blind eye…

“You let my underage brother drink and you did nothing about it? Shame on you!”

“Shouldn’t you be watching the bar?”

Phoenix: “I’m not in control of what your brother does.”

Salem: “Pshh.. I’m sure she drank when she was a teen.”

Jemma: “It’s okay if you have a drink but you need to set a good example for the younger ones here, okay?”

Salem: “But Pasha’s too little to understand what’s going on!”

Yeah, baby Pasha’s getting her own drink on.

“Ba-ba yum yumm!”

“Hey baby Blue!”

“Gawd, Mom. I’m really not a baby anymore. You see me every day. Why do you still call me that?”

Jemma: “Yeah mom, she’s not a baby anymore.”

“But she’s my youngest girl so she’s still my baby girl…”

“Mom, you’re having triplets! I’m sure at least one of them will be a girl!”

“Let’s hope there’s no more babies after this batch.”

“So Salem was at the bar and Phoenix was there and didn’t say a thing. And I said ‘Why didn’t you say anything?’ And he said ‘He’s not my brother, I can’t control what he does’. And I said, ‘but in front of the kids and everything..?’

“But there’s no kids here, only Pasha.”

“Yeah but…”

“Pasha doesn’t know what we drink. It’s all ba-ba to her! Jemma, teens are going to get into the juice no matter what. Just teach them how to handle it responsibly, that’s all.”

“But you didn’t teach me responsibly…”

“Well… perhaps not. I was young and irresponsible myself. But you turned out alright, right?!”

“I guess.”

Speaking of kids, Fefe showed up! Hi Fefe!

“Grandma, you look like a ray of sunshine!”

“Well aren’t you the cutest little charmer!”

It was getting dark and soon time to go home.

But not without some cuddle time…

And…. the claw!!!

“Gooochie gooochie goo!!”

“Hehe, you’re so cute.”


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