102 Phoebe and Fefe at the Playground

Fefe, thinking: ‘There’s girls over there… should I go talk to them? I wanna talk to them.

But what if my friends make fun of me for talking to girls?’

‘Meh, I’ll just saunter over. I don’t really have to say anything.’

‘Oh good, Phoebe’s here. She can talk to them.’

Willa: “Hi Fefe.”


Fefe: “How did you know my name?”

Willa: “You’re in my class. Of course I know your name. We call attendance every day.”

“Oh.” *giggle*  “Of course… umm, Willow.”

“It’s Willa.. hehe. Do you even pay attention during attendance?”

“I sure do! That girl is Becky.”

“No, she’s Abby. But I’ll forgive you ’cause you got most of my name right.”

Fefe laughs: “Ok, good!”

Phoebe: “…and then the whole stove caught on fire and Daddy was like, ‘Jemma, when will you ever learn to make a waffle without charbroiling us all?! Hahaha, so now I’m the house cook.”

“Yes! My girl can cook!”

“Yummy, sis!”

Abby. “Wow. Hey, d’ya wanna go play on the swings with Willa?”

Phoebe: “”Kay!”

“Abby, Willa, watch me slide!”



*sniffle* “My bum hurts.”

“Hah, Sissy! You don’t know how to do it right. Watch me!”


“The slide is too far from the ground. It’s not my fault. Someone’s gotta fix that.”

“I’ll do it again. I know how to land now.”


“I like your blue hair.”

“Thanks. I like your blue hair.”

Willa: “Uh oh, Precious Nwoso is coming. She’s new here. I’m kinda scared of her. Are you?”

“Uhh… I dunno, Abby is talking to her.. she must be alright.”

“Well, I don’t know about Abby…”

“Hello. I’m Precious.”

“H-hello. Are you our age?”

“DUH! I’m in your class! Did you think I failed a grade?”

Abby: “Wouldn’t surprise me.”

Phoebe: “Pssst… watch out, I think Abby might be evil.”

“….and then he said–”

“Are you talking about me again?”

Willa: “We didn’t say nuthin’ about you.”

“Okay, just checking.”

Willa: “Ooooh, Phoebe! I got something really important to tell you. You’re gonna love this!!”

“Um, in private…”

Phoebe: “That was a good move, Willa.”

“I know. I just said that to make her leave. Hehe.”

“Hehe, you’re pretty cool.”


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