104 Final Pregnancy Days

Baby Pasha learned to walk all on her own with her walker!

And even takes herself to the potty on her own. Smart girl!

And so is Mom.

“Yeah I slept fine… I just feel a little stir-crazy is all…”

Phoenix: “You let your grandma sleep on that couch?”

Phoebe: “I didn’t know—”

“Okay, just make sure she gets a bed tonight. I don’t think she slept well ’cause she seems a little off today.”

“Now what was I gonna do?”

Oh right, play video games for hours.

Jovanna is working on her alchemy, which will help her in her holistic medicine field.

“… and a colloidal silver tincture oughta help Grammy with her pregnancy and aid in the babies’ growth.”

“That’s perfect.”

“Hi Auntie Tegan! Wanna try my health formula for healthy pregnancies?”

Tegan: “Not pregnant. Never will be.”

Since Sharona was getting a little weary of gaming, she, Jemma and Phoenix decided to have a jam outside.

Yeah, Mama and Phoenix rockin out!!

“Grilled cheese sandwiches. You made this?”

Jemma: “Yeah and I didn’t burn it.”

“That’s my girl.”

Jemma had a show to do that night.

Sirus’s brother Des showed up!

Desmond: “Hey, that was a pretty good show.”

“Is that all you Flake brothers can say? Just ‘pretty good’?!”

“Hey… I’m sorry, it was… uhh, really good. I like your singing.”

“Thanks! Then you can buy my album!”



Jovanna: “Grammy, what are you doing?

“Practicing my smustle before bed.”

“Um, okay, I’ll be on this couch so you can have my bed.”

“I wish I had some music…”

“Now… what did Jovannna just say? Hmh, whatever. I think there’s a soft green couch downstairs calling my name.”


The next morning.

Jovanna: “Grammy, did you sleep okay in my bed?”

Shar: “Uhh.. no I forgot. But I just used your shower. Looka this baby bump. Should be anytime now, hey?”

“Grammy are you making us lunch?”

“Yeah, we’re not having grilled cheese leftovers. Imma cook you something good.”

Waiting for food.

At least it’s not like Jemma’s confused look.

‘Okay 450 degrees for 45 minutes. Or was that 15 minutes…. wait, or was it 150 degrees?’

“Delicous Dim Sum! Come and get it!”


Phoenix: “Sharona! Will you play us a song!”


“Just a small town girl, living in a lonely wooooo-rld….”

Phoebe: “That was really cool, Grammy.”

“Thank you! And what have you learned to play on the piano?”

‘I don’t play, I just cook and clean.”

“Grammy, can you play Piano Man for me?”

“It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday… and Mama Shar is waiting for her babies…”

“I wish you could live here forever with us.”

Garrick: “Hey honey, no babies yet I hope!”

“No, but ’bout time you got here.”

“Jovi, you go on to bed. I’ll be fine now with your grandpa here.”

“My love is here!”

“Should be anytime now, honey.”

“Aaaack! I mean right now, honey!!”


“Stop freaking out. You’ve seen this before.”

Garrick: “I know. But it’s still painful every time!”

“Really now?”

“Too painful for you, is it? I know the hot tub wasn’t painful. ”

“Oooooow!!! Hey, where you going?!”

“You been through this enough times now. I believe there’s some dim sum downstairs calling my name.”

“You can’t just leave me here!”

“Oooouuf! Asshole…”

As it turned out, the Sim powers-that-be would not let her have a home birth and the CPS sent a limo to get Shar to the hospital immediately so they could track and name and claim these babies as their own. Hmm, well that’s what happens in the real world at least, but these Sim babies are mine! At least we got a nice ride.

Baby pics coming up!


VIDEO #1: The family jam outside

VIDEO #2: Sharona and Garrick have a romantic dance in honour of Jemma and Phoenix’s special song!

VIDEO #3: and finally… Sharona goes into labour!

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