105 Introducing The (Final) Watley Triplets

So, Shar seems to have had enough of this baby-making business. What have we gotten ourselves into! Ten babies?! Is that enough now, Garrick?

Ahh yes, we have gotten the glory of a neverending family line! Beautiful babies forever, and a glorious large FAMILY TREE!

What an adorable little doll!

But, this is the last for me. From now on my future generation will be the bearers of all the babies and all the good things… including poopy diapers!

…and the feeding and changing and all that good stuff.

Here is the proud papa.

“Dad, can we hold the babies now please!!”

Salem: “Hey Max, wanna see a picture of Mom’s babies being born?”

Maxwell: “Ewwww…. gross, stop!”

Salem was a great help in the early infant stages. A wonderful big brother!

He’ll be a proud daddy someday too.

Because we don’t want them to remain infants in game for long, we let them age up gracefully to cute and bouncy toddlers.

This is baby girl Sina.

“Yes I know, I am gonna be cute.”

Yes you are, baby. You’re a Watley.

Baby boy Merit.

Uncross those eyes, baby boy.

Merit goes right to the blocks. Atta boy, get started right away on those conceptual skills.

And second baby girl, Serenna!

‘I’m definitely my daddy’s girl.”

“Hey brudda, whatchu doin’ back there?”

“OOOOH dolly!”

Nooo dolly!  *deletes*

There ya go, have a nice blue teddy instead.

Merit: “Dis teddy too big!”


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