Character Challenge – Jemma – Day 12 & 13

Day 12:

Describe her best and worst memories from childhood.

One of her best memories was finding a unicorn for the first time!

And actually getting to touch and feed him! She named him Domino and hoped very much that she could take him home to be her pet.

She doesn’t really have any bad memories from childhood –her childhood was pretty happy– but many bad memories as a teen & young adult.

Day 13:

Where (and when) did they grow up? How did they view it as a child, and did that change as they matured? How do they feel about the place now?

She grew up in Starlight Shores. They lived in a few different houses. She doesn’t remember much about the first house except for that star on the wall, and that her momma was a big star.


Now some of the Rocha brothers live there, and the first time she visited she had vivid memories of that star!


The house she remembers the most is where the family still are now. Many memories of the red piano and fun family jams!

She loves this place, and often visits her mom and dad and siblings there.


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