107 Mama & Sina and The Townie Kids

Told by Mama Shar.

Since the boys are nearly finished school, we had them do the university entrance exam to determine if their skills were good enough to get in.

“Garrick, you don’t have to do the exam, you know!”

Garrick: “I know. But I just wanna see how smart I am.”

Salem: “Darn, I thought I was smart, but what the heck is this question?”

Maxwell: “I know for sure, I failed.”


Baby Sina always pouts for attention.

But actually I’m a good mama! I usually hear her cry in the morning.

“Okay I’m all dressed in my new outfit, cause I gotta go to the supermarket. It took me an hour and a half to do my hair and makeup – I can’t waste it!”

“Awww, sorry baby. Mama won’t be gone too long!”


I decided to walk with Sina for a bit.

“You’re getting so big!”

“Come to Mama! You can do it!”


“Such a good girl!”

Sina: *giggle*

Kale: “Don’t worry Mom, we’ll take care of the kids.”

“Okay, but I hope that’s just lemonade.”

Sina has my beautiful green eyes!

“Okay now, what do we need at the supermarket again? Where’s my list?”

Salem: “Just go, mom. You need to get milk for the babies.”


There was a beautiful rainbow outside!!

(Aerial view. Because as the Simgod, I can do that.)

While I was out in town, I noticed quite a congestion at the local school. 

Seems the kids were having some trouble getting in to the school. Was summer school closed today? Or were there just too many kids to get through the door?

Nevertheless, it gave me an opportunity to have a look at some of the kids.

Here is Stevan Doppler’s girl. (Remember Jemma’s old ex?) Her name is Sierra. She is going to be a stunner like her momma Flan.

Staring at her is my niece Lulu and Joel Zimmerman’s (deadmau5′) boy Jaim. I think he likes her.

There is my brother-in-law Mason’s boy, James! And Tobias Cooper, brother of Gwen Cooper, whose parents are Adairna and Isaac. He’s certainly got Isaac’s blond hair.

Mason is definitely a Watley!

Here is Chance, son of the famous Eddie Starr!

These adorable boys are pretty upset that they can’t get in to the school today.

“Why are you so upset, boys? Why don’t you just go and play?”

Jaim: “But I wanna learn, so I can be super smart like my daddy. Dya know he’s a famous DJ!”

“Yes I know who he is. But Deadmau5 probably didn’t get his smarts from school, you know. He just learned by banging shit together and figuring things out.”

This is Aidan, Tara Wyzen’s boy. He’s got her shocking red hair. Pretty cute boy!

Chance is so handsome!

Here is Borage and Sunny’s little boy! He’s got the Montigo hair!

More little cherubs! This is Derrick Wen’s boy (he was the friend of Jemma). I don’t know his name but I can tell he’s a Wen!

And this adorable blue-haired boy is Wille Valo, son of Krisztina Valo. 

Looks like he has a bit of social anxiety.

Here is Vinna’s little one, Marina. She’s having a ‘duh’ moment… just like her mom. 

Suddenly I spotted my Pasha running down the road! My sweet granddaughter, Jemma’s girl, just aged up to child! 

Pasha: “My first day of Child school and I can’t even go to school? This sucks!”

She seemed a little intimidated by the older kids.

“What’s going on, Donte? Why can’t we go in?”

Meanwhile at home, Kale needs to stop failing at pool and get his arse to school too.

Salem, Kale and Maxwell have to get those grades up to be ready for university! 


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