108 Liam is Growing

Told by Grayson.

It was ten times more stressful after Tawnya had moved out. Caring for a baby was much harder than we thought!

Lilo: “Why is he sleeping?”

“I just put him to bed, you didn’t tell me he needed to be fed first.”

“Hello… Mrs. Watley? Yes, tomorrow would be superb. Yes, the evening is fine. I understand you have three new hatchlings to care for as well.”

But we had the best person for the job. We had on our beck and call, someone who had lots of experience with babies!

“Mama Shar is here!”

“Hello Liam, my darling boy! Has my son been taking good care of you?”

“They must be remembering to feed you. You get bigger ever time I see you.”

Liam: “Da-ka!”

“What’s that word?! Silly boy….. say ‘Grammy! Grammm–my!’

Liam: “Da-ga!”

“Grayson, have you been teaching this boy nonsense words? What is Daga? It doesn’t even sound like Daddy.”

“I don’t know. He screams so much I can’t even hear what he’s saying anyway.”

“Oh wow, my ear just popped. I can hear better now.”

Shar: “Have you been taking your migraine pills?”

Liam: “Da-ddy!”

“YEESSSS! Daddy! Except that’s Daddy over there? I’m Grammy! Say Grammm-mmmy!”

Liam: “GAMMY!”

Grayson: “You are a genius.”

“I know.”

“Woo! My son can say Daddy!!”

“Right. Ok now put him back in the chair so we can get him fed.”

Lilo: “You seem to excel at infant language processing, Mrs. Watley. Can you teach him to say ‘Mommy’ for me?”

Lilo: “I’ve made a list of words we would like him to say. I’d like you to program these into him.”

“Hmmm… I’ll do my best.”

“Ok, baby has to have a nap now.”

Liam: “Nooo— Gammy nap!”

“Gammy is not going to nap, silly. Gammy needs to feed your daddy now.”


“Thanks for everything, Mom. We really appreciate you.”

“No problem. But if you think I’m doing these dishes for you too — forget it!”

“See you in the future?”


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