110 Christmas in July – Dress Up and Dance!

Told by Sharona.

Blue: “Come on, let’s do pictures.”

Shar: “Maxie, I thought you didn’t like my drinks?”

“I made a virgin.”

Blue: “That’s so like you.”

“Now, kids, be nice!”

“Aww, you’re a sweet boy! Don’t mind your sister.”

“I hope you have fun with your girlfriend tonight. Ooops! I didn’t mean in that way!”

Max: “Haha, I know what you meant.”

Sharona: “Is this dress too short for me? I feel like it shows my big legs too much.”

“No, it’s sexy Mom. Red is really your colour!”

“Thank you Blue! Who’da thought you could also wear something other than blue?!”

Blue: “Well, blue does look better on me than it does you, though.”

Shar: “Really?? I don’t even wear blue that much.”

“And that’s a good thing. Save it for me.”

Were the drinks already affecting us? Why were we arguing about colours anyway? Clearly we were all about the red. We’re not tipsy.

“Just smile and look pretty.”

Mother and daughter shots are going well.

Sexy legs!

“Ok Max, your turn. Nice sweater!”

“Call the rest of the boys…..errr, men!”

Garrick: “Salem! Didn’t you get the memo?! Green or red!”

We sent Salem to change into the appropriate colour. Much better!

“Who’s this? What? No I don’t need a new air conditioner.”

Garrick: “This would make a perfect shot.”

Ok but we need to smile more.

The family: Kale, Maxwell, Blue, Sharona, Garrick, Salem

Of course Garrick has to flirt with the camera!


Anyways, Blue and I made it to The Pocket after the holiday pictures were done.

My old pal Eddie Starr was the first person to greet me.

“Eddie! What a pleasant surprise! I saw your little boy Chance the other day. He is so adorable!”

Blue got us drinks.

She was still a bit grumpy about Freddy not answering his phone.

But managed a little smile.

“Mmmm this drink is pretty tasty!”

Shar: “Why did you get us romantic drinks when our men aren’t even with us?”

“I dunno, maybe it will attract men we can dance with.”

“Oh hello.”

“Woo! Let’s dance!!”

Shar: “Okay, but I’m not quite warmed up yet.”

“Hey, it’s Van the Man! Wanna dance?”

Vandeen: “With a superstar gorgeous blonde like you? Hell yeah!!”

Van and I are good buddies because we are both stars of our own Sims 3 family blog! I’ve never been to his game but he is a resident in mine.

Eddie: “Hello. You’re Sharona’s daughter?”

Blue: “I am! Could you tell?”

Eddie: “Only ’cause you look more like your daddy. Those stunning Watley genes aren’t hard to miss!”

Blue: “Haha! Oh stop!”

I was glad my girl was having a good time and socializing. 

“So how is your dad doing? Is he here tonight?”

“No, he’s home with the new babies. It’s just me and my mom. He likes the babies more than going to the club.”

“He’s a very dedicated dad.”

“Your mom, on the other hand, prefers the club to the babies, hey?!”

“The music might be loud… but I heard that.”

Paparazzi shot! Someone wanted a photo. I hope this shows up in the tabloids!

“Thanks for the dance, Van. It’s good to see you.”

“Hey, there’s probably more people at The Grind. D’ya wanna go there with us?”

Van: “I suppose I could be persuaded.”

“I knew I could count on you. You’re a Party Animal too!”

We didn’t have to call for a cab. My limo was on call for us all night.

Aubrey Simbot: “#*$ Can I come too? #(@”

“Woo! I love this place!”

I wish Borage was a little more excited, and what is with Blue’s grumpy mood swings?! C’mon people, liven up! 

There ya go. That’s better, Blue.

Vinna’s husband Michele is here too! I wonder how Vinna is doing these days.

It wasn’t as packed as I thought it might be, but we still had fun dancing. I just like the lights and the atmosphere. 

Sadly enough, The Grind closed earlier than usual. Just when Tegan showed up we were all kicked out! Dannng!

Everyone is checking in on their Simbooks. Make sure you tag me! And maybe we should leave a less than stellar review for this club for closing up too early, when we wanted to keep going!

Regardless, the limo was on hand again to get us home.

Who called a cab? Did you not see a huge black limo that was there for us?!

Blue: “Howww did I get home…?”

Please leave a comment! And enjoy the bonus videos below. -Sharona xo 🤗


VIDEO #1: Taking family portraits 🙂

VIDEO #2: Shar and Van dancing at the Pocket!

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