Character Challenge – Jemma – Day 14

Day 14:

Do they, or have they in the past, had a mentor? What was their relationship with this person, and how has it changed since then?

Jemma’s mentor was, of course, her mama! She and her mom are very close. Jemma was the first born and always adored by mom and the rest of the family. They spent a lot of time together, and mom was really great to Jemma. She taught her a lot about music and about being a star, and encouraged Jemma’s ability as well. She took her around to gigging venues when she was a teen.

When Jemma was old enough to go to her mom’s first show, she knew right then and there she wanted to be a Vocal Legend!

It was an exciting show!

What sort of education have they had? Do they want more?

Jemma took lessons in singing, piano, bass and guitar practically all through growing up. She didn’t go to university though, because she did well enough in her music career to supplement her family. Being in a celebrity family didn’t hurt either! She did end up having a baby when she was just out of high school, to a boy that she didn’t marry because he turned out to be a jerk. So that possibly stopped her from getting higher education, but it turned out okay and she is doing well now.

In fact, she did do an aptitude test before graduating high school and it was pretty clear that Fine Arts was her forte!


Who was their idol growing up? Who was the first person they fantasized about?

Her idol was her mama, of course!

As for the first person she fantasized about, it had to be her first major crush, Stevan.

He was her boyfriend in high school, her date for the prom, and the father of her baby Jovanna. She was so madly in love with him — but he was so madly maddening! Luckily her mentor and idol, Mama Sharona was there to help her with the boy troubles and to care for baby Jovanna when Jemma was suffering from post-partem and post-breakup depression.

And Mom was the one who introduced her to the love of her life, Phoenix!


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