111 Tegan’s Baby Bump and Triplet Baby Spam

Told by Sharona.

Tegan’s pregnancy was going well and she was developing a bit of a bump. She still insisted on going to the gym because she didn’t want to get too fat, although I told her she probably shouldn’t be exercising so much because it would shake the baby around. But what do I know? I went to the gym to meet her to talk about baby things and to invite her over for Blue’s young adult birthday.

Tegan: “What do you mean it would shake the baby around? You never stopped dancing through ALL your pregnancies!”

“True, but exercising is …..strenuous. At least dancing is fun!”

Tegan: “Exercising is fun.”

Shar: “Not as fun as dancing.”

“Ok listen. I’ll do some research. But if I stop exercising that means you have to stop dancing.”

Shar: “Well, I’ve stopped having babies so it shouldn’t matter – I can dance whenever I want.”

The good thing was, Tegan and Alain were finally moving out of that shack they were in.

Garrick and I helped them find a newly built house in Jemma’s neighbourhood. Admittedly, we also helped them with funds from our family account.

Alain was pretty grumpy. I thought Tegan was not the happy one about this little bundle of joy. Perhaps motherhood does change a person!

Speaking of joy, my three little ones were getting bigger and cuter. I’m always happy when they are more independent and I can play with them, rather than them constantly nursing, feeding and sleeping. I think Sina will look like me.

Serenna is starting to walk.

She also has my blonde hair and I think she will look like me too! I mean, they are part of a triplet so…

We’re all blondies in this family!

It’s true — ALL the kids are blonde, even the boys!

Well, except for Blue.

“Why do I have to be the odd one out?”

But that’s what makes Blue our special one! She’s been very helpful with these last three babies. Especially with Jemma and Tegan out of the house and the fact that there’s triple the baby needs! I don’t know how I would have managed without my Blue.

Blue was the one who taught Merit how to walk.

“Come on baby, you can do it!”

“Woooo! You did such a good job, Merit!”

He had to figure out the blocks on his own though!

*rages at round block that won’t go in the triangle hole*

You’ll figure it out, little one.

I think Merit is my cutest baby boy!!

“Mer-wit… cute!”

And that’s all for now!


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