112 Blue’s YA Birthday and Graduation Day

Told by Blue.

It rained on my Young Adult birthday, but my big sis Tegan made it! She’s preggers and she hates kids. How did she let that happen?! hah.

“Okay, that’s enough with the blowing and clapping. I’m grown up now.”

Well then, I feel kinda cute. Might post a pic on Simbook later, idk.

Oh, I gained the Flirty trait? Is that why I just said that?

The Sim algorithm said due to “my indifferent study habits” I got Flirty. Well I thought that was just passed down from my dad, but meh, school blows anyway!

(Final traits are: Grumpy, Neurotic, Absent-Minded, Computer Whiz, Flirty)

“High five, Mom! I can go to the club legally with you now.”


“What? You missed, mom?!”

“How could you miss a high five?”

“I dunno, I thought I was watching my hand…”

Kale: “You’re supposed to watch the elbow of the other person.”

“Oh thanks Kale, did you get that from your useless information threads on Reddit?”

Yeah I’m living with a bunch of nerds.

“So Tegs, what are you gonna call the baby?”

Tegan: “I don’t know. Fuckin’ Larry..? I didn’t ask for this child.”

Mom: “Tegan! That’s not very motherly-like.”

“Sorry mom. I just— god, you’ve had ten kids. I don’t know how you did it. How do you deal when they start crying and shit?”

Mom: “Ohh Tegan, I’ll have to get you some pregnancy & parenting books. You better take care of this baby –and give him a good name, for god’s sake!”

“You’ll come over every day, right?”

“I don’t know about that.”

Aw man, I kinda fear for my little nephew.


Speaking of nerds, Mom got obsessed with this future time travel thingy that the town got, and insisted that we go to the future with her.

Blue dude: “Hello. I’m Emit.”

“Emit? What kind of name is that?”

“It’s Time spelled backwards. Because you know, we’re travelling backwards in time. Well, kinda. Not technically going in reverse, because that would be really strange…”

Ooo-kay he was really strange. Anyway, Mom was the first one to go up in the thing.

But we’ll let her tell that story.

Because as soon as we came back…

Mom: “What? How come nobody told me it was Blue’s graduation day?”

“Mom, how can you not keep track of these things?! This is supposed to be an important day!”


Anyway, the graduation ceremony went rather, um, unceremoniously. So unceremoniously, in fact, that nobody even bothered to change out of their Christmas and wedding outfits for me.

But the family were supportive enough.

Dad: “Congrats, my dear daughter.”

Phoebe: “Congrats, Auntie Blue!”

“Ugh, Dad… Mom… get a room!”

They just took it out back. Which reminded me…

“Hey Freddy, now that we’re adults, maybe we can… um, do more things.”

Hmm… Freddy likes this idea. And Simgod does too.


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