This is not actually a legacy. It’s just the story of me playing my favorite Sim family, and all the goings on that happens. Which is whatever I feel like doing.

It is based on my Simself and her Sim family, most of whom only exist in the Sim world (although I’ve made a few Sims from relatives). A lot of dreams and wishes stem from my real life, and I basically play her as if she is me. It’s fun.


Eventually I will redo my banner on the Sims 3 forum which says it is a Legacy, because it is just a story. Albeit an amazingly funny one!! 😉

SharonaSim (my Simself) is immortal, and will live for as long as I do. I mean, really, how can she die when I am still living? That would be like dying in your dream or something. Having said that, I may carry on the rest of her successive generations, for example, from the non-official heir Jemma, and keep SharSim out in Story Progression living all kinds of new lives. Wouldn’t that be cool? To live your life over and over again and do different things each time?

See the Chapter list if you want to read from the beginning. The beginning of this story was the beginning of my Sims 3 experience, when i had a smaller monitor, generic video and little CC and knowledge. So you’ll see the progression there, to where I am now. It’s kinda cool actually. And SharSims has had so many trips to CAS it’s not even funny. Never mind… it is funny. Someday I’ll do a photo collage of SharSim’s many faces.

Here is my real face, with my favorite animal, my kitty Willow. She appears in the story too, as does my real-life cat Josie (not pictured).


My current traits in game are: Clumsy, Virtuoso, Party Animal, Loves the Heat, Catperson. She has had Commitment Issues, Diva, and Computer Whiz but they have settled into these now.

Do mother and Simdaughter look alike?? 😆


By the way, Jemma and The Party People are on Simbook (Facebook).

SharSim’s account:
The Party People:

Add us if you are a Sim! You’ll get lots of extra pictures and socializing fun with all our favorite Simmers!


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    • Hi there. Thank you for visiting and commenting! How much have you read? I have been in a bit of a life change over the past year, and have not played Sims hardly at all since January. I hope to get back at it very soon though… when I get things in real life sorted!

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